Eve Bar – A Place to Avoid in Vienna

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We have previously reported about Eve Bar and their taxi scam in a previous article when the place was closing down. Now we have heard rumors of a new owner picking up the brothel once again, so we must keep warning our readers about it. This is one of the places in Vienna that openly scams their clients and uses shady business tactics. Today’s topic is a great example, as we are going to talk about Eve Bar, a huge taxi scam that you need to avoid in Vienna.

We advise you to do your own research before a night out in the city, as you can easily run into a taxi driver who will mislead you.

Taxi Drivers in Action

Eve Bar is one of the places that pays a generous amount to taxi drivers if they bring clients to the establishment.

This means that they will not only lie and talk down other places, but will also take you there against your will in case you don’t know your way around in Vienna. It is basically a tourist trap, so the main targets are drunk and wealthy guys who can be easily convinced or misled.

Paying taxi drivers that bring new customers to a club is a normal thing in every big city. The problem is that Eve Bar is not a good place at all. In order to ensure a big group of taxi drivers working for them, the bar pays a much higher price to them than other clubs usually do.

For each new client, a taxi driver can sometimes get even up to 100€. After all, they provide the main source of customers for Eve Bar so it is only reasonable to invest more money into them. Once they sense that the guy in the car is a foreigner and maybe even drunk, they immediately start to praise the bar and try to bring him there.

Here are some of the lies that taxi drivers who are in on the scam say to the clients:

  • “I know this place that’s much better than the club you want to go to.”
  • “The girls at Eve Bar are all very hot and seductive.”
  • “The sex shows and the GF experience is flawless!”
  • “Oh, have I mentioned that the bar has a modern and luxurious interior as well?”

These are all telltale signs that a taxi driver is in on the scam and that he is trying to lure you to Eve Bar. These guys will say everything you want to hear.  They will even go as far as When in reality these are just lies tailored to convince you to go to Eve Bar.

A suggestion we can give to avoid this taxi scam is to simply use Uber instead. There’s a simple reason why this eliminates the possibility of being scammed. An Uber driver will bring you to a predetermined location, so they have no part in this game. You can also simply ignore the taxi driver’s suggestions and tell them to take you to the original destination.

What to Expect from Eve Bar?

Eve Bar was partly offering seasonal rewards of up to 100€ per customer who stayed at the bar. On top of that, the taxi drivers even got up to 10€ for each customer who left without consuming anything. The reason why that sounds really bad is because Eve Bar expects each customer who stays to spend multiple of that amount inside. The bar is also known to charge more for drinks, depending on how wealthy you look. There are no price lists (at least they are not shown anywhere) and a bottle of champagne can be 200€ for one guy and 700€ for the next one. They check your clothes, shoes, watch and other accessories to determine how rich a particular client is and the prices go up depending on this.

It is a place designed to make you spend hundreds of Euros before you leave. They expect to squeeze at least 300€ out of you to get back their investments and make a significant profit. When it comes to the place itself and the girls, it is nothing special. There are some pretty girls but most of them are average or worse.

If you are lucky, you can find a pretty girl who provides great service. Those girls usually don’t stay for long. Eve Bar is a rather stressful place for sex workers because they need to follow strict rules, otherwise they get punished by the staff. Eve Bar is one of the smaller clubs in Vienna. It has a dark atmosphere, definitely not the place where you want to stay for long.

When it comes to paying for sex, there are many better alternatives in Vienna with lower prices, prettier girls and better atmosphere. For example, consider visiting one of these places:

If you want more people to know about Eve Bar, make sure to spread the word and share this post elsewhere. It is highly important to do some research before you visit Vienna as you can find a lot of information online.

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