How The Gürtel Area’s Reconstruction Plans Will Affect Vienna

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The Gürtel area is like Vienna’s belt which separates the city’s inner districts from the outer districts. It is also the closest thing to what could be called a Red Light district in Vienna. However, with prostitution laws introduced to Austria in 2011, this has changed completely, banning street prostitution among other things. But now, recent plans seek to reconstruct the Gürtel area, which the public has already noticed. The Gürtel was already revitalized 20 years ago, but the people still feel that it would be much better with a touch of architectural development.

We received the note from one of our information sources that, Maria Vassilakou, the Executive City Councilor was the one to propose the Gürtel area reconstruction plans. If it all comes to fruition, there would be much more space available for the public instead of just the nightlife.

How The People Feel about the Reconstruction Plans

The architect who reconstructed the area 20 years ago, stated that he isn’t satisfied with the way Gürtel looks right now.  When she was asked about the Gürtel, Silja Tillner said: “If I do something, then I have to take care of it. I am quite sad when I pass by here and see this care to be absent”. Hannes Swoboda from SPÖ, along with other council members who are supporting the “Gürtel Plus” project, feel that making this renewal is important.

Moreover, the local owners like Peter Rantasa from “Rhiz” said that: “Ten years ago, this was exclusively positive, in the meantime, o the dynamics have emerged, the entire social life has become more conflicted.”

How the Gürtel’s Reconstruction Effects the Sex Industry

The Gürtel already established itself as one of the sexiest areas in Vienna, being called the sex mile. Street prostitution was flowering there until 2011 when prostitutes were most active on the side-streets. The main streets were Äußere Mariahilferstraße and Felberstraße, where Club 28 was located. However, it has closed since then.

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Quick Info: If you’re curious how and why Club 28 closed, read this article:

Right now, it’s really easy to find a brothel along the Beltway. Yet the reconstruction might have a devastating effect on the sex business around this area. It’s important to note, that these are just plans right now as nothing has been officially approved yet. As Maria Vassilakou stated, they should discuss the project first. This is because there aren’t any concrete plans they could act upon yet. If this change actually takes place, the Gürtel won’t be what it ever was before, but maybe it will bring a much desired positive change.


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