Why More Women Are Paying For Sex Every Year

Not so long ago, women were subjected to more bullshit than we men would ever be willing to handle. They couldn’t ever play a role equal to men, let alone have an equal salary. They could only stick around the house and raise children. This only changed less than 200 years ago. Now, they can enjoy just as much freedom as men and have the same access to sexual services. They can go to a female strip club whenever they feel like it and there’s nobody stopping them.With women having more responsibility in our society they also make a lot more money. They are free to invest more in recreation and other fun experiences.

Fun Fact: Here’s a study that shows how the wage gap between men and women will soon come to a close: https://iwpr.org/publications/projected-year-wage-gap-will-close-state/

Sex seems to fall under that hat and women are enjoying it to the fullest. Nothing can wash away the thousands of years of history, where women weren’t treated as equals. Which is why there’s still a gap between the salaries of men and women. But that gap is getting smaller every year and will even disappear around 2050. This means more money goes to women and many of them choose to spend it on the liberty of enjoying sexual services.

How Things Have Changed

These emerging tendencies have tripled the number of male escorts being available for hire. There were 5246 male escort profiles registered on various UK escort sites in 2010. In 2015 that number has jumped up to 15732 according to this study.  So why are an increasing number of women paying for sexual services? Why do they seem like they skip real dates and hire escorts instead?

Maybe they’re just regaining the control only men could practice on them for hundreds of years. Because now, they finally get to call the shots and get to enjoy the objectification they had to face. More women are also working hard towards sexual self-discovery, which would explain the increasing amounts of female-friendly porn and sexual services.

Female friendly porn has been on the rise since the 90’s. Even to this very day, 90% of all porn is from a male perspective. There’s not much content aimed explicitly at women. Which is why the director Angle Rowntree decided to stand behind the camera many years ago. She started a website called Sssh.com, which hosts female-friendly porn only. She said that she has been getting huge waves of subscribers over the past 5 years, for unknown reasons. Coincidence? Definitely not.

Porn is the most logical place women looking to do sexual self-discovery would reach out. It is a great tool for them to experience various kinks in a safe way. While others are looking for more hands-on experiences and reach out to other services. Some of them choose BDSM caves for their next adventure. These places offer a safe environment to play and even female-only events. Some dominatrixes even hold courses for women who want to learn to be bad dominant bitches.

Women Taking Charge

Media often creates fresh definitions of what is considered sexy and kinky sex. There are few better examples of this than 50 shades of grey. The book promoted sexual freedom for women and even your mom knew about it. Anyone with internet access can get their hands on an abundance of sexual content. Any woman who’s looking to do some sexual self-discovery will only have to open a browser. They just go to a female-friendly brothel or a BDSM cave just as easily.

Two women having passionate sex

There are plenty of hardcore places where they can freely discover all sorts of fetishes and kinks in a controlled environment. Some of them even host female-only events, but not for lesbians. Some women just feel safer to discover when there are no men around. But they can also do the same thing with men if that’s their preference. In fact, plenty of women pay for male escort services.

They can just go to an agency like Cowboys4Angels and have a good-looking gentleman entertaining them for the night. They can pay to have the dream date after so many dates gone wrong. In these cases, most women take advantage of the fact that they can call the shots since they hold the money. They get to decide what kind of date will it be, where will they go and what will they do. The guy is just there to follow through with what she says. I guess that’s a strong comeback for women since they had to deal with our bullshit for so long.


Maybe women aren’t in need of a relationship like they did before. Maybe because they can enjoy more freedom and independence than ever before and wish to embrace it more. Either way, the options they have for paid sex is growing by the day. There are more male escorts and more venues that offer female-friendly sexual experiences. Women make more money now than ever and don’t have to face as much stigmatization for embracing their sexuality either. Which means they have everything to freely enjoy the goodies the sex industry has to offer.

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