The Reason Why We Always Want To Have Sex

These days, do you ever look back on the first time you’ve masturbated? The very first time when you went down the rabbit hole and discovered an entirely new world. A feeling unlike any other, that made your entire body shake with ecstasy for a moment, sending powerful explosions to your brain. The first time you’ve experienced that satisfaction. You didn’t even have to go to a brothel to do it.

Which brings me to my point. Our need to experience sex with others is an interesting phenomenon, regarding many aspects. The thing is, we can achieve a lot of great feelings with our hands. Masturbation gives you absolute control over your experience. Sure, it lacks the feeling of a woman, but it also has an exciting, no other person can provide. Only you can provide it for yourself. Masturbation is our way of having sex with our fantasies which is quite exciting if you have a creative mind.

But other than that, we’re living in a world where one brothel opens after another. There’s more porn than we need to go around and even sex robots are on the rise.  You also plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t watch any porn and why it is damaging. Still, all of which can satisfy our sexual needs as we want it when we want it. We have a natural craving to share it with another person. Not just for the sake of reproduction, but for the sake of the experience. So the question naturally arises?

Quick Info: Here are a good list of reasons why you should just avoid watching porn all together:

What Do Other People Think About It?

We’re living in a world where increasing isolation seems completely normal. It’s about constantly rushing from one place to another and getting our dose of stimulus when we have the time for it. Plenty of people go with porn, others go to a brothel. There are a lot of ways to have sex without ever investing yourself into a partner. In fact, having a partner or hooking up seems to come with major risks for a lot of people. There are plenty of emotional risks involved in hooking up with somebody, even if it’s just to have sex. It requires more time, more energy, more attention and you might end up with a shitty experience. You might even get emotionally scarred in the process. So, the older you get the more incentive you’ll need to go out and get it.

This is why staying home to eat snacks and masturbate seems like a better option for plenty of people. But this fact ignites many different reactions. A lot of people find that regular masturbation is disgusting. While others are quite open about it. One way or another, everybody’s doing it. Saying that „I don’t masturbate” is equivalent to saying that „Santa Claus exists!”. Nobody in their right mind would believe you.

For example, there’s an absence of judgment in watching porn. There’s no risk in somebody judging you and you can freely explore your sexual fantasies. But it still doesn’t seem to be completely satisfying. In fact, having casual sex or going to a brothel, might not be satisfying enough either. So, what’s the problem? Why do we want to have sex with other real people, while we can get the stimulus elsewhere?

The Reason Why We Want To Have Sex With Others

It’s true that a lot of our needs can be settled by using a number of different sources. We can just watch porn with two beautiful people having sex and forget that it’s porn for a moment. Escapism can take you away from reality for a while. But it won’t grant you the satisfaction you’re looking for. Neither does having shitty sex. Having a relationship can be even more of an effort. Masturbation seems much safer emotionally and physically as well.

Why do we still need others to make the experience whole? Masturbation can indeed feel sad and lonely because it’s all about you. Yet, that’s what it also makes empowering. It is also a fact that nature made us into men and women for a reason. Sure, we can enjoy ourselves just fine, but we have an instinctive need to share. It’s like enjoying sex yourself, only with company. Because you enjoy your own feelings and your own inner experience, not someone else’s body. Things get a whole lot better with having someone you care about around you. It’s also about connecting more deeply with a person, a reason we seem to quite often forget. It’s much more about having someone there than just getting off.

Still, the main reason is this. We want to experience something more outside of ourselves. All the other ways to satisfaction are something we have full control over. Yet we long for something we don’t know, something we can’t predict. Someone who’s outside of our control, yet he/she is there because of us.

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