Things That This Young Brothel Manager Can Teach You

Today we’re going to look at the story of a guy who managed a corrupt and shady brothel lineup. For the story’s sake give him an alter ego, Paul. He’s story is truly unique and one worth listening to. So let’s start with how Paul got into the sex industry.

Paul started out as a shy, introverted young man who sometimes had trouble with speaking. He often couldn’t string a sentence together when he was confronted with a stranger. He just became 18 years of age and got his driver’s license. Her female cousin was a brothel manager by then. She offered him a part-time job as a driver for the foreign girl who worked in her brothel. Her market was a classy establishment, filled with amazing professional girls.

After a year or so, her cousin quit her job as the manager and he took her place. Although Paul didn’t have any experience, especially in management, he came to a simple conclusion. His job was to generate as much income for the brothel as possible, while maintaining a safe work environment for the 30+ prostitutes and himself. He was 19 years old at time. It was a long road and he learnt a lot of great lessons he couldn’t have learnt from anywhere else.These lessons came from one simple source. Sitting in a brothel and talking to prostitutes day in and day out. He learnt a lot a bout sex, money, drugs and the secret lives of the girls. Here are 4 lessons that a man can learn as a brothel manager.

Guys With Secret Fetishes are The Best Customers

It doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone that plenty of guys have weird fetishes. Paul has seen the weirdest of them. Some guys like to breast fed, some like to see a woman masturbate with vegetables, while some gets a boner from licking eyeballs (no joke). The stranger a particular fetish is, the more you can charge for it in a brothel. Better than that, they are the ones that become loyal customers.

For them, having a place where they are not judged and can freely embrace their fetishes is more important than anything. A brothel where the most common answer is, “yeah she can do that” is a successful one most of the time.

How To Show Authority

A skinny 19 year old kid isn’t exactly the most powerful show of force. It didn’t take long for Paul to find out that going toe to toe with trouble makers wasn’t smart at all. But he still had to keep his brothel and the girls who work there safe.

He got around the problem with a proper posture and body language, stood up straight with his sholders back and amped up his voice. He always talked louder than the guy talking to her and maintained eye contact with him when they were in the same room.  These tiny cues whispered that he was more dominant, keeping the trouble at his brothel to a minimum. When it came to it, he wasn’t afraid to stand face to face with a more intimidating guy and tell him to leave. In fact, getting up into a client’s face when he was doing something wrong was the most important thing he had to do.

Two men armwrestling

Recognizing Bullshitters

Often enough, young guys just fling by, take a good look at the girls and leave. Sometimes they ask to see a particular girl a second time, because they might change their mind. The only thing they are trying to do is record a memory of the girl and masturbate to it later on. Bullshitters like this would just walk into the brothel without having their wallet or any money with them. They would waste both Paul’s and the girl’s time. So he made sure it didn’t happen and denied them the moment he noticed they were bullshitters.

Letting Women Think They Are in Charge is Important

The rule that sometimes applies to marriage applies to a brothel as well, because women can be a handful. In a country where prostitution is legal, they aren’t forced to work. Every prostitute works of her own free will and refuse clients if they wish. But even though they have the legal right to refuse a client, it isn’t good for business. Which is why Paul had to control the situation at all times.

If a girl decided to refuse a client because she didn’t like him, Paul would ask her to reconsider the decision. He would simultaneously explain that the client was important for the business. Since a lot of prostitutes aren’t the intellectual types, they accepted it and thought it was their own decision.Paul made sure that he was always in control and that the girls acted in his best interest. But if a girl fully refused a client, he directed all the clients to the other girls for the rest of the day.


Even though Paul is 21 years of age right now and works in a completely different industry, he has carried these valuable lessons with him. He strengthened his character and learnt to be strong and confident within himself during tough situations. If you are curious about the actual interview done by ReturnOfKings, check it out right here!

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