Young Striptease Dancers Talk About Their Confidence

When it comes to accepting our bodies and embracing it in front of other people strippers have some invaluable life experience. A brothel or a strip club is a place that demands beauty. In these interviews, strippers have answered questions regarding how they handle this situation. It’s also worth seeing the movie for two girls who started working as a truck stop stripper. Their adventure was quite fascinating.

All of us are born into our bodies and it doesn’t matter that we like it or not. Yet we don’t always let ourselves accept it the way it is. How much time we spend in the gym or what diets we follow doesn’t change too much. Even without training so much, we can feel pretty good about the way we look.

Let’s hear what the experts in nudity have to say about this topic and let them share their amazing empowerment.

Lola Frost

Lola Frost is a professional Burlesque performer who is considered astonishing by most guys that meet her. It seems that she is quite competent in understanding the way we see beauty.

Is Loving Your Body Something That Just Happened By Chance?

Coming to a point where you completely accept yourself is a day-to-day process. It’s not something that happens overnight. And even with working on it every day, it’s still hard to completely achieve it. With so much happening around us all the time, our minds get caught up on every little detail. Lola’s journey to becoming a professional Naked Lady took about 10 years. She had to overcome a lot of negative thoughts about herself and she still has plenty more to overcome. There is one solid conclusion though. The way you see yourself in the mirror and the way someone takes a photograph of you, are very different. Seeing yourself outside the context of your own eyes can be truly liberating. The thoughts you have about yourself rarely have to do anything with reality.

Is Looking Good and Feeling Good Naked The Same Thing?

Women come to Lola for teachings in movement, dance, and even self-empowerment sometimes. She has heard plenty of opinions and she has seen a lot of different perspectives. They are often saying that they eat healthily and work out yet they’re not satisfied. At this point, they should be satisfied with the way they look, but they’re still not. It’s a really painful experience for them.

But for Lola, eating healthy and working out was important because she wanted to perform well. Feeling good is always more important for her than looking good.

Lola Frost performing a dance

What Is The Most Valuable Advice For Anyone Struggling With Their Body-Image?

Everyone has their own views on looking good, it’s a relative topic. There is no general definition of beauty. It is in the eye of the beholder. When it comes to your un-satisfaction, the best advice is to get the fuck over it or suffer.

Even an admirable woman like Lola has parts of her body that she doesn’t love the most, yet it doesn’t bring her down. She would much rather be healthy and able than good looking and sick. That’s the best view anyone can have.

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