How Two Filmmakers Worked as Truck Stop Strippers

The world doesn’t always go easy on a woman. They often find themselves thinking that they have to rely on men for wealth among other things. Being a stripper or working in a brothel, is one such case. Girls have work because men give them attention.

Famous filmmakers, Alexandra Roxo and Natalia Leite, have an interest in this. They want know what it’s like to a woman who is grinding in a strip club or a brothel every night. So, the two of them decided to go to a truck stop in the middle of nowhere. They went to a place called club 203, located in Moriarity, New Mexico. It’s a truck stop for those who ride on Highway 40 and want to ease up after a long trip. Plenty of rumors float around about it being a really rough place. On the Ultimate Strip Club List, they call it “where strippers go to die”. In the face of all this perceived danger, the girls have decided to go and work there for a week. This is their story. You can check out their half hour long documentary here as well!

A Strange Place

Finally arriving in the middle of nowhere hit the girls with a lot of mixed feelings. They have reached club 203 and signed right up to work as a stripper. Right after that they rented a room in the motel, in club 203’s parking lot. They had a roach infested room and the place was pretty banged up too. Before starting their first show, they took the time to look around and meet a few people. By night, plenty of truckers have arrived for a drink and to have some fun. This is when they got the chance to confirm the rumors themselves.

Hanging out with plenty of strange truckers is about like what you would expect. A lot of bad breaths, awkward stares and conversations followed Natalia and Alexandra whoever they talked to. It was really awkward, because most truckers want just a bit more attention. Some were pretty straight forward with questions like, “you want to fuck?”. But soon enough, it was time for the girls to step on stage.

They even met a guy who shot himself in the head and survived, but lost an eye. On his forehead was the massive scar of a surgery to prove it. He was the strangest one among them all. While he was a millimeter away from touching Natalia’s body, he even gave them some “spiritual” advice. The girls found themselves a guru, in the middle of nowhere.

First Time Dancers

Both girls were a bit nervous at the start, because neither of them did striptease dancing before. But they followed the advice of a wise stripper, to just be themselves. It was time for the girls to do what they came here to do. Work as a striptease dancer. When they stepped on stage, the guys went wild, especially when they threw their bras on the floor. They gave it all they’ve got and even bruised their knees. It was a long night of dancing and their panties got full with one dollar bills. They earned about $49 dollars for the night in total. So, working there isn’t exactly a goldmine for any of the girls.

Feeling It Through

Realizing why stripping was a hard job for women has hit both of them right after they stepped off the stage. They were faced with it’s emotionally draining effects and a lot of creepy stares. Most truckers were gazing at them, holding a one dollar bill in their hands, making things really uncomfortable. A strip bar, brothel and especially this truckstop isn’t an environment that supports a healthy self-esteem.

So they sought to have a conversation with the other girls, to see how they handle it. Each of them knew that the guys tend to go too far sometimes. They all faced that being a stripper can sometimes be really harsh. Yet they were able to leave them with some really valuable advice.

A mature stripper, Daisy helped them gain a new perspective. Helping them realize that any strip club or brothel is more of a place for therapy sessions. Most guys go there to have the girl’s attention. Some of them might not someone’s complete attention for quite some time. Let alone an intimate relationship. To many truckers, this is as close as they can get to it. A lot of guys are just trying to work out their own insecurities, which is why strippers are also therapists.

The entire experience even inspired plenty of scenes in Natalie’s movie, called BARE. You’ll notice them in this trailer, right away.

Natalia and Alexandra showing off

The Conclusion

Alexandra and Natalia walked away with an exceptional experience that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. Within just one week, they saw both sides of the same coin. They realized how dangerous  and animalistic places like this can be. Sometimes, people just give them stares like their only pieces of shit on the stage. But at the same time, it is also a place where a lot of different people with different backgrounds, can interact with eachother. Not to mention that strippers give guys what they sometimes need the most. The true therapeutic effects of attention.

If you’re interested in seeing everything that Natalia and Alexandra had to say after their trip, you can read it in this interview.

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