Tina Turner was forced to spend her wedding night in a brothel

Tina Turner, one of the most famous celebrities in the world, revealed in an interview, where her ex-husband, Ike Turner (1931-2007), took her on their wedding night. The wedding was organized in Tijuana, Mexico, where people go for cheap brothels, but also for wedding ceremonies that are very short. Their wedding ceremony was organized in a chapel. It ended very quickly and, right after, her husband took her to a local brothel. They spent the rest of the night in this location. Tina Turner was expecting a romantic evening, but the reality was that she stayed in the club and watched a sex show with her husband, who was enjoying those moments. If you want to find out more about the unusual marriage between Tina Turner and Ike Turner, read this entire article.

Tina Turner’s bizarre wedding night

Tina Turner is one of the most popular pop singers, and in a recent interview with “The Daily Mail” she talked about her marriage with Ike Turner and about their wedding night. The wedding took place in Tijuana, and the most interesting detail is that later on that evening, Tina was taken by her husband to a brothel. Another unusual aspect is that the singer was forced to watch a sex scene just a few hours after her wedding ceremony. Tina has also said that it was a terrible moment and she felt the need to cry. Ike was a possessive person and she could not leave the location without him. This experience has disgusted Tina Turner and she decided to block this awful memory. The singer stated that she did not have enough courage to end this marriage and she was afraid to refuse Ike. At that time, Tina was very much in love and she promised her husband that she would never leave him. The marriage between Tina Turner and Ike Turner lasted 16 years, although Ike was violent and drug addicted. From the singer’s statements, Ike was the one who had access to all the money and threatened Tina that if she left, she would not take anything.

Ike Turner and Tina Turner picture

Tina Turner’s life after the divorce

The famous superstar said in an interview that she wanted to end this relationship for more than 10 years. The climax was reached when Tina could no longer bear the abuse of her husband. She wasn’t allowed to make decisions on her own and she was forced to do only what Ike wanted. After 16 years of abuse, Tina decided to leave without any hesitation. She left without any money and without any idea about what would happen next. The divorce had a positive outcome because Tina Turner became one of the most famous singers. The star had an incredible career, sold millions of albums and she had concerts all over the world. Now, Tina is 78 years old and lives in Switzerland. Because of her incredible career and the fact that she is still singing, we can say that she deserves our admiration.

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After Tina Turner divorced Ike Turner, her career developed and she became one of the most respected singers across the globe.
Currently, Tina Turner lives very beautiful moments, although it was very difficult at the beginning of her career. Ike Turner had a negative influence because he was violent and abusive with his wife. The positive side of this relationship is that Tina has become motivated, and that’s what brought her success. She had the power to overcome this obstacle and now she has the life she deserves.

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