The Sex Scene Got Too Slow During the Summer Period

It’s harder to get quality sex services during the summer season, which affects brothels and pouters alike.

The sizzling heat isn’t the only thing that makes the sex business slow down during the summer. It’s the fact that both regular girls and a lot of their clients are going on vacation. Some of the girls choose to visit their home and families during the summer season, so there really aren’t many people to keep the business going.

You might have seen this too. The lineup is a lot weaker in most brothels and it’s hard to find new girls too. Very few Viennese girls choose to work during the summer season, which isn’t good for business.

Why Everything Slows Down During Summer

With fewer girls working in the summer, both small and large establishments suffer in lack. If there aren’t enough girls working, they can’t offer much to their clients and might even have to turn some away. Pouters also have a lot fewer girls to choose from and they might not want to pay to have sex with a girl they don’t like.

This is clearly visible in Sexclub Maxim Vien, Babylon Vienna, and Goldentime Vienna. The lineup isn’t what most of us are used to. Everyone has more limited choices during the summer. The story is the same for smaller nightclubs like Manhattan and Contact cafe, where the lack of girls and clients. If a large establishment like Babylon Vienna chooses to close for a few weeks, smaller establishments have to cut some corners too.

Things don’t get easier during the post-summer period either. When the business slows down, it will take a lot more work to get it back on track. The distinct lack of business during the summer season means trouble for smaller establishments like Laufhaus Rachel and Laufhaus Rosi. If you check out their website, you’ll find that only a few rooms are in use.

empty bed

Their business has definitely dropped, compared to how intensely they were advertising themselves during the spring. They were trying to grow their business consistently, but the summer period was only about survival. Regardless, you can still find yourself a dream date if you visit them. See what you can expect in this review.


Every brothel takes a hard hit during the summer period, even if their business goes well for the rest of the year. Due to the sheer lack of girls, a lot fewer clients are visiting the establishments and would rather visit other countries for their dose of sexy action. Only the strongest brothels, like Sexclub Maxim Wien, transition seamlessly into the post-summer period. But some establishments, like Babylon Vienna for example, chose to close for a month. They just can’t cope with the lack of girls and business during this time.

Now that it’s September, a lot of girls are already back. The sex scene is coming back to its original liveliness, so there’s probably a lot of places you could get a bang for your buck.

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