The Best Weed Strains For Enhancing Your Sexual Experience

As you already know, weed has the potential to make a lot of things better and more pleasurable. Food tastes better, your fantasy is more vivid, movies are more exciting and life, in general, seems brighter. It also has the potential to make the pain go away and ease anxiety. The same applies to sex. There are a lot of reasons behind how and why weed makes sex so much better. One of which is the fact that it makes you much more sensitive to touch. Intimacy is definitely more amazing with a heightened sensitivity. It also calms your nerves, letting you ease into the moment more and experience euphoria. Set and setting have a lot to do with this experience and so does the weed strain you choose. Which weed strain will give you the best sex is a tough question to answer. You can’t really make a universal statement on which strain will make your romp better. There are way too many variables and we all respond slightly differently to all of them. You can use a lot of different strains for different moods and goals.

In general, it says that you’re better off using a strain with a high CBD (Cannabidiol) and a low THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the psychoactive chemical within the plant, which triggers both euphoria and paranoia. Cannabinoid is the chemical that helps you ease your muscles and give you a feeling of deep relaxation. It’s very useful for getting in the mood, especially if you or your partner is a bit anxious about sex. It is also essential for an orgasm. Here are some of the strains that will help you do that!

The Best Sex Enhancing Weed Strains

Here are 5 of the best weed strains that will give you a euphoric feeling and transform your sexual experience into something much more vivid!

Skunk #1

This is one of the most widely known weed strains for a good reason. It’s a sticky-icky and delicious weed strain, a nice hybrid that is widely known for boosting libido. Just have a glass of water with you because it is know to cause a really dry mouth.

Kali Dog

If you’re feeling anxious about premature ejaculation or your performance in general, this is a good strain to try. This one is a nicely balanced hybrid that has some truly unique effects. After you smoke from it, you’ll feel carefree and relaxed. The perfect mood to get busy right away.

Sour Diesel

The Sour Diesel is a crazy one, as it incredibly enhances your sense of touch. It also fills you with energy, gives you a euphoric feeling and some lustful desire. It is definitely a great strain to blaze before your sexy time.

Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese is a crossbreed indica wonder. It is a mix of the UK Cheese and the famous Blueberry. It’s known for its strong distinctive smell and its powerful potential to serve as a painkiller. Because it eases muscle tension and relieves physical pain so well, it’s going to be great if you want to use it for something a bit crazier, like anal sex. Just make sure you’re not the only one smoking it.

How To Make Your High Fit For Sex

Smoking with care and attention will take you a long way. Here are a couple of tips that will optimize your experience and help you reach that much wanted euphoric sexual experience.

Don’t Smoke Too Much

As you probably know already, often the more you smoke the less you’re able to function. The same goes for sex as well. Don’t overdo it, because you might have a hard time getting it up.

Try The Weed First

If your explicit intention is to have sex on the new pack of weed you bought, take it for a test ride first. That way you’ll have a general idea of how you react to the strain, how much you should take and how to consume it. You won’t be too sexy if you’re feeling dizzy, paranoid or if you throw up.

Use Protection

I know, I know, this isn’t sex education. But you’re much likely to take bigger risks when you bake. The same way you do with alcohol or other drugs, although weed isn’t that drastic. So make sure you have a pack of condoms with you for the action.


Weed doesn’t just cause dryness of mouth but the dryness of the mucous membranes, which are responsible for making your lady wet. So a bottle of lube and some bottled water are your best friends.

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