Some Students Earn €200 Per Day With Webcamming

Chances are you’ve spent enough time on the internet to come across at least a few cam-girl ads. So the notion of hot girls showing off on live webcam shows isn’t anything new. For the guys who wouldn’t visit a brothel, these girls are very dear to their heart. Little do people know how these girls are and why they do what they do. Sure, they are openly slutty and why wouldn’t they be into making good money with it. Yet their actual reasons are different. I’m not talking about the 30 something women, but the young girls.

A lot of them are college students who support their education through doing striptease shows on webcams. Some of them work in actual striptease clubs or become escorts and prostitutes for the same reason. They aren’t into it for a glamorous lifestyle or buying expensive stuff. They just do it to make a living.

During the school year, many of the students secure part-time jobs for themselves. It’s important that they have a job too so that they can pay rent. At least, that’s how things worked recently. Now, these minimum wage part-time jobs aren’t nearly enough. A lot of them have to look for different alternatives with the prices of higher education over the roof all over Europe, especially England. Being left with a crippling debt isn’t something that anyone wishes either. Which is why about 1 out of 20 students choose to be sex workers.

A Twisted Situation

If a girl decides she would do striptease shows without being completely naked, she’ll earn about €10 to €50 within one session. She can make about €200 a day from the comfort of her bedroom. Her job is to make her client’s desires come to life. Either by wearing a certain suit, stripping a certain way or performing a specific action.

Though these girls make a solid living, they have to lie a lot and live their lives as double agents. Their friends and loved ones would rarely talk about them in a positive voice. Which is why many of them wear wigs or masks and distort their voice to protect their identity. The web is full of weirdos too, so the last thing a girl wants is a fan to find out where she lives. Most of the girls never meet their clients because of the experience they had. A lot of the guys are often naked and aggressive during a session, which doesn’t make it one bit pleasant.

More outgoing girls and guys choose to work in other forms of sex work. They either start working in a strip club, brothel, or become escorts. They hit up escort agencies that provide a framework for their jobs. They protect them and have screening processes for weirdos and other unpleasant individuals. But a good-looking college girl can also make an arrangement with rich guys. They can find themselves a „sugar daddy“ online, who will pay their college expenses in exchange for certain services.

Quick fact: A Site called Seeking Arrangement even has a Sugar Baby University page, designed for girls who need “assistance” in covering their education fees:

Why More Students Do Sex Work

Sex work has become more appealing to students and there will only be more pursuing it as it seems. These young adults have to pay off insane debts after they finish their course. That is if they finish. They have to support their education and pay living expenses like rent, bills, clothing, and travel. Which is near impossible with a minimum wage. One of the girls said that she „wouldn’t survive, let alone save up for school“ if she was a waitress or a bartender. It’s just the reality of the situation. Young people that didn’t come from money and don’t get any financial support from home, have to figure it out. They do sex work to get through their education somehow. Who can blame them when you look at a crippling €40 000 college debt?

Students turning to a webcam site, strip club, brothel or an escort agency isn’t the problem. The problem is the system that has created these circumstances. The price for higher education is truly insane, costing around €10 000 annually. Don’t even get me started on the expenses of living in a larger city like London. For many of the students, the choice is between doing sex work or dropping out.

A few years ago, their mothers encouraged them to pursue higher education so they wouldn’t become strippers or prostitutes. But it just so happens that they do it to be able to pursue higher education. The cliché that girls do sex work to support their drug habits isn’t real. There might be a few, but a lot of women do it to support their families or their education.


If you ask young girls in a brothel or a strip club, you’re likely to find a college student one way or another. Now you know why she’s there. So be sure to leave her with a huge tip and cheer her on to continue her education!

Quick Fact: If you’re curious about the sex industry and how it works, here’s an extensive study on it:

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