The Secrets of a 200 Year Old Australian Brothel Holds

The brothel Questa Casa is one of Australia’s historic venues that has been around since the gold rush. It was open to mongers for 113 years and it doesn’t look like it will close anytime soon.

Questa Casa, otherwise known as the Pink House is on the Hay Street of Kalgoorlie. It’s rooted reach all the way back to Australia’s mining boom when everyone went there to get rich. Needless to say, business went very well back then, but business is much slower these days. It is mostly visited by truckers and interesting people of all sorts. It even sparked curiosity in a directors eyes, which ended up in the making of a documentary called „The Pink House”.

Although prostitution has been illegal in Australia for more than a hundred years, Questa Casa is still fully operational. The place is run by a truly unlikely madam named is Carmel. She is a very proper lady with exceptionally good manners and a truly noble attitude.

Sadly, Carmel was widowed for the third time at the age of 50. That’s when her doctor recommended that she should look into doing something new. Nobody thought that she would end up buying a historic brothel. Yet she has been running the place for more than 25 years now. Her last working lady of the night and partner is a 45-year-old woman called BJ. Their strong bond is the reason Questa Casa has survived this long. It has outlived many cultural, social and political changes thanks to their steady management.

How This Brothel Operates

There aren’t many girls to go around. BJ is the only woman serving sexy time in this place, but they still have the business. People call in to book a session and to find out wether they serve anal or not. They don’t.

Madam Carmel takes the calls and handles the business, while BJ makes sure the visitors have fun. But as you can guess, the overall service is about what you would expect from a 113-year-old brothel in the middle of nowhere. Yet the hard work of these two ladies has made sure that this part of Australia’s history stays intact. But it’s by no means an easy task for Madam Carmel. She has her work cut out for her.

Quick Info: BJ even gets involved in a murderous story. The movie’s director talks about it in t his VICE interview:

BJ has a tendency to abuse drugs and to just be really careless. This has got her into problematic situations like being convicted of crimes. Her inability to control herself is shown perfectly clear in The Pink House documentary. BJ is actually her own worst enemy, but Carmel tries her best to keep her life as steady as possible. The two of them are a really weird pair friends which are the reason why they attracted a directors attention in the first place. Their legend lives on in The Pink House documentary.

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