Sex Robots Are already Here – See How They Get Built!

The more we step into the time loop of this world which we do not know very much, the further the technology strives to become harvested to perfection! Artificial Intelligence is slowly implementing into our everyday lives, like it or not, and I’m not talking about processor chips anymore, we’re talking about real robot brains, it’s like they can feel us humans, their creators!

A Japanese robot factory X Doll, allowed entrance to us, the forerunners, to observe how pre-fine are the bots, to examine their movement, gestures, mimics, fleshlight that are inspired by anime characteristics overall. The Japanese, I mean, right?! If you ever watched anime before, you noticed that the drawn characters have unnatural expressions which cannot be a reality that easily. The robots though, they duplicated the lip, the nose, the eyeball movement, everything looking like they just climbed out of a cartoon! The expressions are likely to be quite sexual, and it is remotely controlled by scientists that are exclusively testing out the robot heads for us. Joysticks, really? They even have the fully completed ones, dressed in a fancy attire like a businesswoman, with a wig, a suit, stockings, and heels. Like a mannequin. The next one up to test was the one with shoulders and boobs. They added a superstructure more on top of the previous head physics, like neck movement and shoulder contraction.

Quick Info: You can check out the video of how these robots are built in VICE’s post right here:

The eyes are colored, the wig is also added and the expressions upgraded. It’s also for the note that it’s optimized for a phone as a remote user, not a joystick now. The robotic neural implants were added to the boobs, so when you squeeze one of them titties, the robot gets captivated and out of the artificial surprise it mouth opens of disbelief! Body parts are being stored and cleaned regularly in a warehouse for safety, and they’re probably used during the trial and error period to check for faults. Before the robot gets the skin-like form, it has a frame where it shall be later impressed in. That’s when the workers scrub any rough textures to prepare it for flesh-giving. To conjure up the sensational experience with a robot, factory produced bundles of pubic hair which they keep in hermetically closed, see-through bags, all piled up resembling real hair. It is later added to the dolls, hung on a string in a cool area of the factory, where the workers have to be in a special decontaminated outfit. It seems creepy since the bodies are headless, beheaded so that special teams work for one and the other. There are lots of shapes and sizes of the bodies, boob sizes, pussy length, width, and depth. Glossy flesh is retained in that isolated area were one heed worker rasps for prominence.

It’s confirmed, the Japanese are well-ahead of the entire competition judging by artificial intelligence improvement and practical use, that they already specialized purposes for robots into making them sex dolls! A nice depiction of the current world we live in, sex dolls more beautiful than the human race! That’s the truth we all should face and embrace!

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