Become More Successful at Sexting With This Comprehensive Guide

Since the dawn of smartphones and chatting apps, we started to extend more and more of our lives into the digital world. Nowadays, it’s perfectly normal to do dating and numerous sexual activities through our applications. The sexy time between couples and people who like each other have also taken a digital form. You probably know a girl in the brothel who does it too.

Sexting has become an everyday thing for people. It’s done by adults mostly, but nobody can stop teenagers from doing it either.

Quick fact: Did you know that 12% of teen girls feel pressured to sexting? Read more interesting sexting facts here:

Take these alarming statistics for example, showing who are doing most of the sexting in our culture.  This has led to a number of legal problems but let’s not get into that now. Sexting feels naughty and through it, we can give our partner some insight into actual sex. It’s a really kinky experience that feels so wrong and so right at the same time. Sexting is an art form in itself and if done correctly, it can spice up your evening quite a bit. Every art is made better with a number of clearly defined rules and frameworks. Which is why we’re looking to make your art pieces better. Today, we’re going to show you the way to become a pro in sexting. Okay, maybe not a pro, but an expert at least.

Spoiler: Showing your dick off with some high-quality imagery, doesn’t work. So just keep the meat in your pants and work your brain instead!

What Makes a Good Sexting Session?

Like every other art out there, sexting lets us express ourselves to another person. But it does require at least a drop of creativity and taste to be done right. Otherwise, it can backfire like bad sex. So, let us define what will make it good!

First things first, you always have to have your partner’s consent. She has to agree to it, otherwise, you’re not going to end up having much sex, right? But don’t be too direct in the way you approach the topic. Try to be as smooth as possible. Ask her „ would it be okay if I talked a little dirty now „ or „ You wouldn’t believe the dirty things running through my head right now  „. The second version might end with her asking to you to tell her, which would make a perfect scenario.

Once you have her consent and the show’s on the road, its time to start typing dirty! Keep in mind, that just as real sex, sexting requires some foreplay as well. So, go softly at first. Tell her how and where you would kiss her and what is turning you on at the moment. Just don’t be too stiff and say things like „I am currently taking out my erected penis”.

Using The Right Language

This is all a language game you play with the person you like or your partner. It gets better if you flex your creative muscles, but the most important thing is to be literal. You should say exactly what you’re thinking and what you would like to do, so it’s easier for her to visualize. Describe these things implicitly instead of explicitly. Say them in a subtle manner, because implicitly is much better than explicit. Just drop a few hints instead of going in balls deep right away. Don’t worry, she’ll catch on if she wants to.

Thanks to the wonders of language, you can put the volume on the parts where you want it to be. But always respect her boundaries if you know them. Don’t get too greedy right away and ask for nudes or boob pictures. She’ll only share what she wants to share anyway.

What Kind Of Pictures to Send

Like I already explained, pictures of your boners are extremely prohibited. I mean seriously, who would want to see your sweaty erected penis? Show her what she wants to see. It’s much better to keep her guessing what’s inside your pants. Teasing the other person for a long time only elevates the excitement.But if she asks to see your dick, then, by all means, send those dick pics flying.

If you’re not feeling too pretty that day, it’s okay to send one of your stock photos. But even in that case, try to make it as authentic to the experience as possible. Send pictures you took just for her whenever you can. It will make her feel special, and that’s what all this is about anyway. Taking your photos on the spot will also make it feel like you’re sharing the moment.

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Sexting is about making your partner feel special and entertaining him or her with a bit of sexiness. Keep practicing a creative language, talk more implicitly than explicitly and take photos for your partner on the fly. That’s the recipe for a good sexting session. It isn’t a substitute for a brothel, but it can sure make your night more exciting with the right partner. If you’re interested in what else the mobile love industry has in store for you, check out this awesome documentary made by VICE! It will definitely make your day.

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