Retired Stripper Shares Why She Jumped Back Into Business

This story is about a young stripper called Denise, who started dancing when she was only 19 years of age. She was young, wild and incredibly irresponsible, but her brains were in the right place. All strippers and girls working in a brothel have to have an exit strategy. So they say and it took some time for Denise to have her own.

Working in a brothel puts an enormous strain on a girl, both mentally and physically and nobody can do it forever. But there is a lot of fun to be had and some good money to be made there, so it’s only natural that a lot of girls get pulled back when they try to quit.

Most experienced and wise strippers gave Denise the advice to be smart with how she treats the money she makes. She should invest into her future, put some money in the bank and have a backup plan. Nobody wants to be a stripper at the age of 40. Of course, Denise had some better things to do than following this wisdom. But the most important piece of advice any stripper should take is making an exit strategy, according to this article.

Still, Denise spent her cash on partying, shoes and just let it go down the drain. Not that it was a problem. Denise could make the money for paying her rent and the bills the night before they were due. This lifestyle suited her and could keep it up for quite some time.

The Nosedive

Business was booming until the global recession reached Europe in 2006. Denise’s earnings suddenly dropped in just a few days, and even making a living wasn’t that easy anymore. Stripping and brothel jobs have become pretty unpredictable and she had to find a way to cope with it. No more could Denise just throw her money around. She had to be smart and had to calculate ahead, which is when she suddenly started to act more responsibly.

It was a tough time, but she pushed through it and gathered some valuable life experiences. It was time for her to finally spare some cash, in case tomorrow didn’t come, so that she didn’t have to wait for the money to come to her. Her life and earning finally stabilized and so did the economy.

Starting Anew

Once Denise had things back on track, she was much better at what she was doing. She was smarter about the way she spent her money and has managed to put 3 years-worth of money in the bank. In a moment’s notice, she could leave dancing behind her without any worries, but she didn’t.

Instead, she decided to finally leverage all the perks that came with dancing and further pursue her profession. Now, Denise would heed the advice she got from more mature girls in the industry, when she started.

But that’s when business really took off. One weekend, one of her stripper friends called Denise to join her on a trip to Germany. She was up for the adventure and the two of them went to a brothel in a small town, not far from an US Military base. You can imagine how well business went for them there and it was ready for the pickings every weekend. It really paid off, even with taking the traveling and living expenses into account.

Soon enough, Denise realized that she could do a lot more traveling, so she became a traveling stripper. She visited France, Spain, Denmark, Portugal and even Australia and the USA, only to name a few. Spending 7 years of her life with traveling the world was an amazing experience for Denise. There are plenty of places in the world for a stripper to make money, and a lot of girls returned with good stories like this one.

Sometimes she traveled by herself and sometimes she had stripper friends tagging along for the road. Business was booming and she enjoyed it to the fullest, but doing so wasn’t without difficulties.

Following a couple of bad tips had her end up in the wrong brothels, with cruel people and unpleasant surroundings. She and her friends had to do things they didn’t want to for less money. Thankfully, she went through it all without a scratch as she faced off with the problems each of the strippers have to face.

Denise was keen to developing her backup plan, so she started a college course in Gemology. She could fit her classes and exams in between travels and did the rest of the course work in the exotic places she found herself in next.

It was the best of both worlds. Yet she started to feel a bit unsatisfied with living out of a briefcase all the time. So she decided to step away from being a stripper.

Denise started a life as a regular girl, but it seemed like it wasn’t working out for her that much. She said that she failed miserably at life.

On a faithful day, one of her stripper friends called her. She was crying because a job she enrolled for in New Zealand brothel didn’t work out as expected. She had to do things nobody told her she would have to do and the agent that got her the job didn’t answer her calls and disappeared. To top it off, she even ended up in the hospital, so she was in need of some help.

Denise talked to her and helped her according to the best of her knowledge. That’s when new idea hit her.

The Way To The Future

Denise noticed that there is a great need for trustworthy agents in the industry and she has all the knowledge and resources to be one herself. During her years of work, she got a wealth of contacts she can reach out to.

All she needed was a bit of encouragement, which she got from her good stripper friends. Denise said that she would have never had the self-confidence to pursue this goal, without the help of her friends. Once she had it, she committed to her idea and saw it through. After contacting a few clubs and strippers, she opened a social media group. It grew to 300 members within a week or so, simply because her friends told their friends and so on.

It took her many sleepless nights to get things on track, but she finally did it. Having drunken strippers call her up in the middle of the night or at dawn, was something that became a part of her life and she really enjoyed it.

The girls loved her and she loved them back. The clubs were satisfied with the recruits she got them. Business is booming even to this very day. Denise became a truly reliable agent for strippers and has created a great middle ground between them and the brothels.

An airplane taking off.

Her “exit strategy” really worked in her favor, even better than she would have expected. Today, she is the wise stripper who gives young girls the advice they need.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this story and be sure to let us know if you did! See you in the next one!

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