The Pleasure Prostitutes Find Pleasure By Working in a Brothel

We have plenty of misconceptions about why some women choose sex work and how they feel about it. A lot of them actually see many profound things in what they do.

Hearing what sex workers have to say is often the best way to get a clear view of the sex industry. The people pursuing sex work, often face a lot of stigmatization and misconceptions coming from others. Most of it is due to the fact that there aren’t many reliable sources of information when it comes to sex work. You’re left with your own conclusions like I am as a writer. So, the best way to know what it is like for sex workers is to hear what they have to say. Even if you’re a regular client, it might be impossible to wrap your head around what a lady of the night experiences. Believe me, a brothel is a completely different place for her than it is for you.

It’s isn’t easy to find sex workers who pursue their career with a clear and professional mindset. We often forget that there’s a lot for them to handle. Being intimate with their clients, giving them joy while finding their own, can be quite a bit of a task. Performing well with the intimate nature of their work can be quite a handful. But after seeing numerous studies and hearing/reading many interviews, my opinion is different. It turns out that some ladies find genuine joy and pleasure in being a prostitute. So, we have looked through what a few ladies had to say about finding pleasure in prostitution.


Daisy didn’t expect much from sex work, she just jumped into it. To her surprise, her first client was actually very attractive. He was a tall and lean young man with luscious brown hair. When he opened the door for her, he was half naked without a shirt on. Daisy’s first thought was that he was really hot. Not only did she find him physically attractive, but the sex was good too. She wouldn’t have minded having sex with him outside of her job. Of course, not all of her clients are hunk muffins. Some of them aren’t really attractive, but Daisy says they are really sweet. Some cook dinner for her and prefer long conversations before getting intimate.

Thanks to her experience as a prostitute, Daisy could see sex from a completely different perspective. It gave her a clear view of what was wrong with sex within a relationship. Because sometimes, having genuinely enjoyable sex with your partner can be quite a task because of emotional attachment. Some people use that attachment as a reason to have their partner fulfill their expectations. Often enough, one of them has to do a sexual favor that they don’t actually enjoy. During sex work, Day could just breathe, relax and experience everything the way it was.  Things were easier without the emotional interference that comes from a relationship.


Katarina sees so much more in sex work than “just helping guys get off”. She encourages the same behavior for young sex workers who are just starting out. Katarina knows that at the core of her job, it’s about caring for her client. Most clients want to experience intimacy, sensuality and the attention they wouldn’t get elsewhere. With sex work, Katarina could examine what sex was like without attachment. Seeing her work as providing attention came along with it. Which is why she no longer views sex work as “just a job”. It is much more than that because at the end of the day everyone is just looking for love. Her job is to provide as much attention as she can to make a client feel special. With this approach, prostitution can be viewed as something much more profound.


Amber was born with a mental disability that didn’t make her life easy by a bit. It created obstacles throughout her entire life. Focusing was always a problem for her, not to mention the waves of depression it caused. Her confidence was quite low for a long time, which is why she got abused in the relationship. Working a normal job wasn’t easy for her either. Nobody understood why she was acting strangely while she was under sensory overload. Her inability to focus got her fired many times because she just wasn’t able to “catch on”. But she lives her life completely differently thanks to sex work.

Quick Info: Amber has a much more detailed story that’s really worth a read:

It’s the first time she realized how valuable her time was. She finally gets a good pay doesn’t have to put up with clients that make her feel uncomfortable. Amber makes way more money now than she would with any regular job. Thanks to this, it’s no problem when she can’t work for a few days because of her illness. She’ll just take a few days off and live off the money she made the previous week. Most of her clients are nice guys who invite her for dinner, take her on parties and talk about how amazing she is all night. Being treated well and being able to provide joy for good people, is what makes her job pleasurable.

Woman standing and smiling in the crowd.

It seems that sex work really can be completely different from how we perceive it.

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