The Pros and Cons of Legalizing Prostitution

The oldest profession on the planet has a lot of debate around it. It has been around for thousands of years and it isn’t leaving anytime soon. There will always be a need for sexual services so, it isn’t a surprise. As our views of the world is becoming more liberal, the way we see prostitution, also seems more reasonable. There is still plenty of controversy to uncover and we’ll do just that. Today, we’re looking at the pro and con arguments of legalizing prostitution. So, without further ado, let’s get down to it!

Should Sex Work and Prostitution Be Legal?

The Pros

It’s already a fact that sex work isn’t going to disappear. If someone is truly concerned about the safety and health of prostitutes, they should support in making the industry fully legal. It is what almost every sex worker will want too. Laws that criminalize sex work cause a lot of harm to those making a living out of it. So it’s best to put aside our moralistic prejudices and do what is best for all sex workers and society as a whole.

A voluntary sale and purchase of one’s sexual services shouldn’t be considered as criminal activity. It’s dumb to think that criminalization will help people get out of prostitution and legalization will get them trapped in it. The only choice is whether we help those who pursue prostitution or make life harder for women who are trapped inside it.

The Cons

It is a fact that the legalization and regulation of prostitution will mitigate the harm that comes with it. But in reality, this would also codify a pernicious form of violence. It would normalize the act of women selling their bodies and men buying it for sex. This would lead to young men seeing women as commodities to be bought as they grow up.Decriminalizing sex work would be to support the concept of prostitution itself. Prostitution is often humiliating enough. Its legalization would mean that we condone that humiliation.

Opinions from Law Enforcement On The Legalization of Prostitution

The Pros

Nobody can avoid the fact that selling sex is immoral. But moral judgment is the job of the church, family members, and peers. When it comes to legal matters, however, it’s simply dumb to criminalize prostitution. The taxpayer spends money to have sex workers and their associates sent to jail every year. While prostitution still flourishes in the black market that wouldn’t even exist if sex work was legal.

Brothels could be legitimized, licensed and women would be medically inspected. Not to mention that the taxes would benefit the government and society as a whole. Germany has succeeded at this. They turned this perceived “crime” into a plus. Now, the entire country benefits, even though prostitution was a thriving business beforehand.

The Cons

Sex work isn’t a fairytale and it has the potential to destroy lives. There are a lot of illusions about prostitution floating around, as it was a desirable occupation. But it’s easy to forget that prostitution is an integral part of numerous harmful, illegal activities. It found its rise within the context of gangs, drugs and plenty of street violence. It has the potential to destroy a woman’s life.

Pimps and sex traffickers should be targeted and taken down. They are at the core of a harmful sex industry. We should provide comprehensive services and exit strategies for women who are involved in prostitution.

Is Prostitution a Victimless ‘Crime’?

The Pros

Prostitution at its core is a business transaction, a simple trade of service and currency. There is no ‘victim’ involved in such a transaction. Only sexual assault or rape could be considered a crime. Adultery is plenty enough reason for divorce and a lot of men, but it isn’t a ‘crime’. There is no victim. Also, if prostitution was legalized, it would be called something less degrading like sex work.

A woman's bottox in underwear.

The Cons

Prostitution is considered a ‘consensual crime’ because nobody involved in it is unwilling. Yet prostitution is a serious violation of one’s basic human right. It isn’t a sexy, highly-paid adventure where business is great, even though some sex workers do have that experience. But most women who work in a smaller brothel, don’t.

A lot of women’s experience involves being hunted, harassed, dominated and battered. The sad truth is, a lot of women enter prostitution at the age of 13-15. When they haven’t even reached the age of consent.

Human Trafficking

The Pros

Human Trafficking is one of the most serious and violent crimes committed around prostitution. Criminalizing sex work makes sex trafficking much more likely to happen. A widely recognized consequence of such prohibition leads to the formation of gangs, cartels and the black market in general. This way, people are much more likely to use violence within the sex industry. After the legalization of sex work in 2003 in New Zealand, throughout studies found no traces of human trafficking. It is gone. The legalization makes it easy for sex workers to report any kind of abuse and other crimes.

The Cons

Legalization is a double-edged sword. Often enough a model of complete decriminalization would lead to more human trafficking. This is because now, a criminal organization would have a legitimate front for their business. It would also reduce police oversight in the industry, which would actually result in allowing sex traffickers to do business more safely.

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