The Powerful Effects Of Losing Your Virginity in a Brothel

Almost everyone has a friend who hasn’t had sex in their lives and they don’t even seem like they want to. That guy who is kind of awkward with girls or too awkward in general. For them, walking up to a girl and talking to her, seems like a death sentence. They’re too scared to try because of the emotional risks it poses to them. If they grow into their 20’s and near their 30’s, this gets even harder and God knows what comes after that. Which is why having their first experience in a brothel or with a sex worker would be a good idea. Today, we’re going to talk about how losing their virginity this way, effects these guys. We’ll also hear what professional sex workers have to say regarding this topic.

The Main Issue

We often treat male virginity above 20 years like it’s an absolute tragedy. While in reality, there’s not much of a problem with a man having a limited sexual experience. Sure, it isn’t the most appealing to women, but it can be handled realistically. There’s too much conditioning going on everywhere we look. We’re constantly bombarded with sexual teasing through advertisements and we establish a false image of manliness too. So, the image of intimacy quickly turns into an absolute monster in a virgin’s mind.

Once they get into a conversation on an actual date, their desperation shows, which can be quite a turn off for the girl. Losing your virginity isn’t an easy road, no matter how old you are or what kind of circumstances you have. Some of them are stuck in one place and just can’t bring themselves to start meeting girls. Even if they do make the effort, they don’t know how to do it. It’s kind of a downward spiral, so, having them visit a brothel can have quite a therapeutic effect.

Getting Over It

With the services of a professional sex worker, most of the anxiety eliminated. Losing your virginity often has a lot of stress involved, especially if you want to make it perfect. But this way, the guy doesn’t have to watch every word he says. There’s nothing he can do that wouldn’t end up in him having sex, which is quite reassuring. He can rest assured that what he’ll be doing is good and he won’t be judged. Also, if you choose to help him by going this route, be sure that the sex worker knows about his virginity.

Laura, a professional sex worker, for example, treats her virgin clients with extra patience, since she knows they’re extra nervous. Being well aware that virgins don’t have the benefits of foresight into sexuality guides her work. So she makes sure that they are comfortable throughout the whole experience. She also gets much more verbal with them, telling the guy what a lady would and wouldn’t like. Her most important lesson is teaching him how to pay attention to the woman and her reaction. This kind of guided intercourses help a guy understand the basics and get some invaluable experience. They can do it in a way that seems sensible to them and they’ll be gently corrected if need be.

The Results

Once a man had his first sexual experience, even if it was in a brothel, he’ll feel a bit of relief. It will definitely lessen the depression or anxiety he had because of his virginity. He’ll finally know what he was missing out on and what he can expect. Letting him walk more confidently into his upcoming experiences is what this is all about.

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Most men who lost their virginity to a sex worker are on their way to developing a more consistent sexual life. Entering their first sexual adventures this way is a kind of rehabilitation for them. Some of them visit brothels or escort girls more often, but some of them seek to develop lasting relationships. Whichever way they go is their choice from there on. But they can be much more confident in what they’re doing and enter more realistically into an actual relationship. So, in a sense, for a mature man to lose his long-preserved virginity with a sex worker is a form of therapy.


You have probably wondered about this too. Taking your virgin friend or relative to a brothel or a sex worker and have them discover the wonders of sex. So, this article was reassuring at best. But you can see now, that many have done it and have stepped on the road towards a decent sex life. So there’s nothing to work about. Just make sure you choose the right sex worker for this one because she has to be gentle and understanding. Most of the professional sex workers are “well equipped” for these scenarios, so there’s nothing to worry about. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through this article and that we helped you learn something new today! See you again in the next one!

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