The Secrets Only Few People Know About Sex Workers

Prostitution is the oldest profession on the planet. As long as there was an exchange of goods between people, women have been selling their bodies. Prostitution seems to be everlasting. Yet we know very little about what it is like for a girl to work in a brothel. She is constantly getting intimate with men and that can sometimes lead to strange or frightening situations. Sure, prostitution pays her better than any other job but it doesn’t provide a really glamorous lifestyle. So today, we’re going to look at the realities of prostitution from a sex worker’s perspective.

It is Emotionally and Physically Demanding

When a prostitute puts in some extra hours into her work, it can really be demanding for her mind and body. I mean, who would get tired after fucking all day. A lot of times, they really have to put themselves to work and handle the strains of their job as well as possible.

They also have to be fully present mentally most of the time. Clients will accept nothing less than the girl’s full attention. Because even you wouldn’t wholeheartedly pay that much cash if she wasn’t giving you her full attention, would you?

Also, in a country where prostitution is illegal or falls in a legal grey area, they are faced with other problems. They can’t have a health insurance or access to financial services.

Sex Work Involves Plenty of Acting

A sex worker has to smile all day and put on her sweetest face so that she’s attractive. You wouldn’t want to approach, let alone pay a girl who seems too sad or too frustrated. You might get some of her bad vibes on to you.

So a sex worker has to put on many faces and act as if she likes even the biggest assholes. Everyone can have a bad day and everyone has people they don’t like. Sex workers can’t be so picky during the job and work with what they have.

They Aren’t Desperate Girls

A lot of clients ask prostitutes about why they are doing the job they do. They use lines „you’re so sweet and smart, why are you do ing this?”. This context provides a lot of guys with an opportunity to exercise their messiah complex. Most of them just miss the point.

Sex workers aren’t runaways or slaves of sex trafficking. Sure, these things exist and they are a huge problem. But sex workers aren’t suffering by any means. I mean, the girl makes 50 euros in 20 minutes while you might have worked 2-3 hours for that. Most of the sex workers you meet in a brothel are mostly self-identified prostitutes. They either love the job that they do or love the money it provides them with.

A woman in red underwear laying on the bed.

Some are even driven by non-monetary things like being a naked therapist to somebody. How many times have you felt like opening up to a prostitute? That’s because you’re spending intimate time with a person. So the need to talk always comes up. Which is why a lot of sex workers can meet some pretty great people and make good friends too along the way.

Sure, there are girls who think there’s nothing else they can offer the world besides their body, but that’s minority.

A Brothel or Client Can Easily Screw Them Over

This rarely happens to professional prostitutes who demand the money up front. In fact, most brothels demand you to pay up front. Yet sex workers are still at risk by being screwed over by the brothel that refuses to pay them.

Or even if they work privately, the client might refuse to give her any money too, if she were too naive. In another case, they might just end up paying 150-200 euros for a spot in a brothel or within a display, with no business at all. If it’s a slow day, they might not make a profit at all.

Customers Can Be Dangerous

You have probably noticed that the brothel you went to has pretty good security measures in place. That’s because it’s easy to come across a few psychos that don’t know when to leave. Some even go as far to friggin follow the girl home. So if a sex worker does her job within a brothel or privately, she has to protect herself all the time. They have to be equipped to deal with a violent situation if need be because prostitution is a dangerous job.

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If you’re an enjoyer of what sex work provides than it’s worth knowing more about the women who provide it. Once you get to know them a little better your relationship and the experience you have with them will be taken to a whole other level. So be sure to respect the care they provide and the hardship they sometimes go through.


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