Ethical Stripper Organization Works To Make Strip Clubs Better

It was always stigmatizing for a girl to work in a brothel or a striptease club. Society shuns and objectifies them more times then they could count. Now, even the most cherished perks of their career, seem to be in danger. Which is why a new organization of ethical strippers is on the rise, They are on a mission to help all the girls working in the industry.

They have set out to stop the degrading attitude displayed towards strippers and also to improve their working conditions. This army of determined sexy women means serious business and will stop at nothing to accomplish these goals.

The East London Strippers Collective

The East London Strippers Collective is what the organization of young, London-based strippers call themselves. They have been active ever since their formation in 2014. Their activities include organizing festivals, writing petitions and doing everything they can to improve the lives of strippers and sex workers. The ELSC’s stripping festival took place in 2015 and it was a blast. Not to mention that the girls managed to raise awareness to all the issues trippers and brothel workers have to face every day.

The ELSC has an official website you can check out, along with all the girls working in the organization.

The Issues Strippers Have To Face

Being a stripper isn’t as glamorous as it used to be in the past. The industry’s landscape is under the influence of many political and economic changes in taking place in Britain. Brexit especially affects non-British girls who have made London into their home. But there are a lot of other unpleasant changes taking place as well.Many alternative clubs that have been adored by strippers, brothel workers and visitors alike, have been closing one by one lately. These clubs have taken their unique vibes and styles along with them. Instead, they have been replaced with large, homogeneous clubs that are filled with rich and privileged people.

Brothels and striptease bars are starting to turn into machines that treat their girls like meat. They grind talent, uniqueness, authenticity, and skill like they were nothing. These conditions affect women in a seriously unhealthy way. It also proves that the industry does not support them having the skill, talent, and uniqueness.

But it does not stop there. They brothel or striptease bar even demands commission from their earnings. Plenty of clubs make their strippers pay stage fees and a lot of brothels make their women pay for their space. Strippers have to pay insane commissions, which takes about 50% of their earnings, in total.

Where It Has To Stop

The poor working conditions they have to do their jobs in are also becoming more and more unacceptable. Gone are the days when strippers lives were glamorous.

A picture of Stacey Clare.

Stacey Clare, one of the co-founders of the collective, said she still remembers the way stripping was when she started out. In the golden-age of stripping, being a stripper brought a luxurious lifestyle with it, not to mention a high pay. But businessmen who only seek to make more and more money off the girls, are ruining it for them.

This is why this group of determined women has to stand up and handle the situation accordingly. Let’s all hope that The East London Strippers Collective will create a better world for every stripper and brothel worker in the city of London!

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