Magaluf Brothel Scammed British Punters

The Island of Magaluf
is one of the best and most notorious places in Spain. Here British tourists come to enjoy themselves during the summer season. They take long vacations and spend their money on everything the island has to offer. It’s great because the food, drinks, and accommodation are very cheap. It is also a prime destination for pouters as well since there are plenty of brothels where they can enjoy the company of fine Spanish women. But this isn’t always a fully beneficial experience as the latest incidents show.

Many British pouters have reported being charged “extra” in one of Magaluf’s brothels, a club called AKA. Normally, a simple service wouldn’t cost them more than 50 to a couple of hundred euros, but they paid a lot more than that. These pouters have lost 40 000 euros in total, adding up to 2800 euros stolen from each of them.

These pouters have fell victim of a scam and there is so much money involved that it couldn’t go unnoticed. In fact, such scams have been regular occurrences as many reports show, which means it was time for the authorities to step in.

The police had plenty of work to do lately because people really “let loose” here. There has been some violence happening between large groups drunken Brits and the police, you can find out more about these in The Sun’s article. 

People often forget that there’s a lot of things you’re not supposed to do on the island because they’ll end up getting you into trouble.

There’s a long list of them and it’s smart to look it through, to stay safe and out of trouble.

The Police’s Response

After their investigation, the Spanish police said that the way these scams happen is very simple. The brothel keepers take advantage of the drunken tourists why they are distracted by the girls. They charge their credit cards with an extra fee, for non-existent services and that’s it. Later, most of the individuals won’t report these scams, because they are afraid that their family and loved ones will find out that they went to a brothel.

The police have captured the brothel owners who were responsible for these scams, two Romanian men. They are currently facing charges for their actions. In the meanwhile, the Spanish police say that they expect more of scam reports in Magaluf in the upcoming weeks.

Even though the people responsible for the recent scams have been caught, they aren’t the only brothel keepers who are trying to make some extra money this way.

Can This Happen in Vienna Too?

Brothels aren’t always the safest places to use your credit cards in. These scams have occurred in Vienna as well, but not so many times and not with this much money. So, the situation is far better than in Magaluf.

If there’s any other news regarding this story, we’ll definitely keep you updated. Until then, we’ll keep an eye out for any other scams that are worth taking note of.

A large crowd of people in Magaluf.

There a lot of trustworthy brothels in the city, though. Maxim, for example, is a prime des.

Also, I would like to give you a bit of advice. With regards to these scams, if you’re ever going to visit a brothel in Spain, or even in Wien, it’s much safer to use cash instead. This might seem counter-intuitive, but the chances of you being scammed without noticing it is very low.

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