Inside The World’s Most Sex Obsessed Prison

If you watch porn, the notion of people having all-out fuck fests in prison isn’t anything new. But for some reason, people actually fucking in captivity seems unacceptable for society. Which is why as reports have shown, Giselle Woodford has resigned from her duties at Warwickshire’s HMP Onley. She has been accused of fucking with Jonathan Forrest, a young gang banger in prison. Giselle is the fifth woman who resigned from the Onley prison after being accused of fucking the prisoners. VICE did an interview with the prisoner within Onley’s B-Wing, who shared what it’s like to be in England’s most sex-obsessed prison. Based on the interview, we’ll talk about whether Onley’s prison really is so sex-obsessed or not. What you’re going to read is based on an inside prisoner’s interview.

It Happens All The Time

According to the prisoner interviewed, the female guards and other female employees in the prison have a pretty good time. Each of them has a good lay about two or three times every week. It’s pretty standard. If a female prison guard comes to like a guy, she’ll put him in the enhanced section.

There are three levels, basic, standard and enhanced. The enhanced level has the most privileges and women go in and out of the cells all the time. If the female officers like someone in jail they are not afraid to show it properly. This is happening all over the place, people fuck as much as they want and bring drugs in too.

Cute girl behind fence

Sometimes prisoners do it together with the same woman, The prisoners would get blowjobs and plenty of other dirty favors. Often enough, they don’t even know the name of who’s giving it to them. But even though sex in the prison is so widespread, nobody can say anything. The guys who run the prison blocks do well in protecting themselves. If anyone would say anything about what they do, they could be sentenced to prison or convicted of rape.

It’s odd to know that the prison sex fantasies we see in porn movies actually exist in a completely different context. So, even if people are in captivity, as long as there are men and women, there will be sex!

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