How Hugh Hefner Died and How He Lived Until The End

A picture of Hough Hefner

Hugh Hefner is a name that is known in ever brothel and strip club around the world. The man was a true legend, a cultural and media pioneer, who led one of the world’s most well-known brands, Playboy.

Sadly, he has passed away just recently at 91 years of age. He died a peaceful death, with his family and loved ones surrounding him. You can find out more about the causes of his death in this article.

He truly lived the way he thught was best throughout his entire life. The work he did bring about many changes, empowering free speech and sexual freedom. His life’s work laid the foundation to the Playboy we know today. Let’s remember the life he lived with this short tribute!

Hefner’s Youth

You probably see Hefner on plenty of pictures, as the rich old dude who has amazing women surrounding and kissing him all the time. Even if you like to go to a brothel or read striptease magazines, you’ve heard of him. But not many people know his backstory and how he came to be the legend he was.

Born on the 9th of April 1926, and raised by two Methodist parents, Hefner lived in a conservative family. His father was an accountant and her mother was a teacher. Both were very conservative parents. He attended the Sayre Elementary School and went to the Steinmetz College Prep. After that. He just finished when World War 2 broke out and he was called in for service. He served 2 years as the US Military newspaper’s writer, which was fitting for his talents. He decided to go to college when the war was over. Hefner got his bachelor degree of Arts in Psychology after he finished at the University of Illinois. He also finished a minor in Creative Writing, which has set his career path. You can find out everything on Hefner’s personal life and career path in his Wikipedia article.

His Way To Success

Because he was a stellar writer, he got a job as a Copywriter at a famous American magazine, Esquire. The magazine wrote about political topics, news, celebrity interviews and also provided fashion advice for men. Here, he got plenty of experience in professional writing and moving a successful magazine forward. Yet he got truly unsatisfied when he was denied a $5 raise. That gave him a reason to quit in 1952, and he started to work on launching Playboy right away.

In 1953 he got a bank loan of $600 and started looking for investors. Within a short time, he got about $8000 dollars, which was enough to create and launch the first issue of Playboy. It featured Marilyn Monroe on the cover and had a nude picture of her on the centerfold. The magazine also had interviews with famous celebrities such as Jack Kerouac, Ray Bradbury, Margaret Atwood and Joseph Heller. His succeeded big time and sold more than 50 000 copies.

Life Is Too Short to Be Living Someone Else’s Dream

The initial $8000 investment turned into $200 000 really fast. It grew to $7 000 0000 by 1970.Playboy evolved pretty quickly and it soon featured other topics and more interviews with famous artists, politicians, and actors. Some of the most popular actors, like Jimmy Carter, Frank Sinatra, Fidel Castro gave the Playboy magazine an interview. They even made one with John Lenon, not too long before he died during the year 1980. Hugh Hefner himself took part in plenty of movies. There’s a long list of them on IMDB.

Hugh Hefner on a bed

After the magazine’s huge success, Playboy opened a club or a brothel in many cities, all around the world. The girls working in these venues wore tight, revealing dresses along with bunny ears and a fluffy bunny tail. This made Playboy even more popular and helped it grow to the massive brand it is today.

The Passing

Hugh Hefner truly lived and even died the way he saw fit. His lifestyle and what he created, will live on long after him. His life inspired men all over the world and made him into a true legend. We will all remember him for the dream he actually lived and shared with us!

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