Hong Kong’s first sex doll brothel closed after police raid

“This Mary”, Hong Kong’s first sex doll brothel closed because of
problems with the company’s operating model. The owner didn’t comply with the Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance. This was the first location in Hong Kong that provided sexual intercourse with sex dolls.

The brothel’s hourly rates were HK$500. There were also items for sale and the price was between HK$18,000 (US$2,300) and HK$30,000 (US$3,800). The owner stated that the hygiene norms were respected. The customers were also required to wear a condom. After each intercourse, the sex dolls were cleaned with disinfectant.

Not long after the law enforcement officers had investigated this establishment, the brothel was closed. One reporter of the South China Morning Post had visited the brothel, two days before the raid. During this control, the police officers have confiscated three pen drives, eighteen indecent objects and three TVs used by the clients to watch porn videos. The authorities have also detained the owner of the brothel, but he was released on bail after a short period of time.

The owner of this establishment considers the authorities overreacted

The man preferred to be identified only as Rex declared that police officers couldn’t offer him a logical explanation for this raid. The owner was also surprised the authorities came to control his brothel the same day as reports on his business appeared in the press.

According to some sources, the control was triggered not because of sex dolls. The real reason was publicly displaying sex toys for sale without properly covering them as dictated by the Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance. The fact that there was pornographic content provided to the clients represented another reason of this raid. An important detail that has to be mentioned is that no sex dolls were confiscated from “This Mary” brothel.

The authorities will consult the Department of Justice because this establishment might have violated the  Hotel and Guesthouse Accommodation Ordinance. According to this ordinance, all the locations that offer accommodation for a fee for a period of less than 28 days must be licensed.

Many people consider these kinds of services to be aimed towards those who have problems with intimacy and social interactions. A sex doll brothel gives them the possibility to have a sexual experience. Dr. Angela Ng, who is a doctor and sex therapist declared that from her point of view, the use of a sex doll is not a problem as long as the person who uses it can still relate sexually to other people.

Owner sells the sex dolls at a low price

After the raid on the “This Mary” sex doll brothel in Hong Kong, the owner had to sell the sex dolls that he used in his establishment. On the “This Mary” Facebook page, the owner posted about selling the dolls at extra low prices. According to the last posts that were published, he managed to sell all but one of the dolls.


Sex doll brothels are popping up across the world. Although the brothels that provide intercourse with dolls weren’t received in a positive manner by the local authorities, the owners try to find different ways to develop this business. There were numerous attempts to open sex doll brothels across the world. The owners and the local authorities are battling a continuous fight for supremacy. The landlords of these kinds of establishments consider that sex with a doll is a normal thing, while the authorities believe this type of businesses should be immediately shut down.


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