Why Some Women Love To Be Prostitutes and Work in a Brothel

Even for someone who is a regular client to prostitutes, if he can’t always grasp what benefits a sex worker has. A lot of guys tend to feel sorry for sex workers, because “Oh they sell their bodies”. The last thing a girl in a brothel would want to hear about is you feeling sorry for her. They just hate it when you say, things like “oh you’re so smart, why do you do this?”. Sure, there are girls who got tricked or sold into doing sex work abroad. But it’s quite obvious from the start if a girl is a prostitute out of her own choice. Believe me, there are plenty of girls who love being sex workers.

Quick Info: There’s actually a lot of pelasure involved in doing almost any kind of sex work: http://brothelvienna.info/news/prostitutes-often-find-pleasure-working-brothel/

The Benefits of Being a Sex Worker

Not many countries around the world let people pursue sex work as an actual career. In some countries (like Austria and Germany) it’s completely legal to be a prostitute. Other countries left prostitution in a legal grey area or have criminalized it. So a lot depends on the location she is working at. But at its core, the benefits of sex work is the same for all of them.

The one thing humans love the most and would give their lives for is freedom. It is also one of the main reasons women choose to be sex workers. Sure, some are forced because of their social situations, but I’m talking about professionals here. Because it is the only way to keep themselves and their families afloat, it’s a way of life for others. These people don’t actually see it like selling their bodies, rather providing a unique service.

For professional sex workers, it’s an experience of freedom from every angle they look at it. The only thing hard about their job is penises. With the ability to choose their clients, there isn’t much to bother them anyway. They are in full control of who they work for and how they work. Setting their own work hours lets them have all the free time and flexibility they want in their lives. Most of such pleasant prostitutes also love to have sex. So it isn’t hard for them to love sex work for everything it involves.

It actually comes with more opportunities and benefits than restrictions. Sex workers can meet new exciting people on the daily and travel new places too. They see it as a way to get paid for just being themselves.

Are There Any Downsides?

There are plenty of sad stories of girls becoming prostitutes because of social conditioning. Sex slavery is also a problematic thing in the world, but it isn’t sex work at its core. There are only a few times sex workers feel like taking a break from their career. It’s mostly when they are too tired of getting fucked all the time. But by then, they have enough money to live off and take a long vacation if they want to.

When things boil down to personal choices sex work turns out to be a pretty awesome thing. It allows for a lot of people to just be their own boss and be in complete control of their lives. Setting their own hours, choosing who they want to meet, how hard they want to work and when they want to work is as far as life can get. So there really isn’t any reason to feel sorry for them. Such freedom is something that not a lot of people can afford in their lives.


Making good money and being completely independent, in a work that’s about nurturing and caring is a pretty solid deal. Most sex workers are also therapists because their relationships with clients often get really personal. With good clients, good interaction, sex work actually feels really good for a lot of women. Thanks to all the freedom and autonomy they’re allowed to enjoy makes them love sex work very much.


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