6 Steps For Practicing a Proper Brothel Etiquette (Great for First Timers)

The recipe for having paid sex is quite simple. You walk into a brothel, pay and have sex with a prostitute of your choosing. It’s what everyone is doing, so why should you complicate? Yet a lot of brothels have notices and guidelines to proper behavior that you probably didn’t notice. There are enough distractions that stop you from just standing there and reading the testament of the brothel. Instead, 90% of men jump straight into swimming in pussy.

Some places like Amsterdam’s red light district have been around for quite a lot of time. They already have a developed culture and a fine rules of etiquette. So today, we’re going to look at these rules of ethics. Specifically, the ones that apply to most brothels around Europe. Let’s see the etiquette of having sex with a sex worker!

Know Exactly What You Will Get For Your Money

First, settle the price. Girls usually charge €50 in windows and numerous brothels. Sometimes the price goes down to €40 if you’re able to negotiate. Once you’ve asked for the price and agreed to it, ask her what she is willing to do. What will you get for your money? How much time will she spend with you?

Anal will be a touch harder to find, that’s for sure. But it’s critical that you outline the rest because you might be setting yourself up for disappointment. Sometimes, she might mean its €40 to for a blowjob and a few minutes of fellatio. In your head, that might mean both before you have sweet penetrative sex. She might think that it’s an extra €50 if you want penetrative sex as well. So be sure take the service based on a well-informed decision.

Don’t Worry, New Girls Are As Clueless as You Are

Every line of work takes practice and time until you know what’s what. A lot of new girls don’t know that yet. They don’t know what to charge or what the rules of the game are, so don’t worry about yourself. Just make sure that you’re always polite and you’re not treating her as a sex-doll that you can do anything with. The kind of behavior you see in hardcore porn doesn’t land good things. So treat them as nicely as you would treat your girlfriend. You should always have respect towards them and concern for their well-being as well.

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Don’t Try To Go All In Right Away

Some guys just take their dick out and want to start humping as soon as they enter the room. But for heaven’s sake, give the girl some time. It should be obvious that taking your dick out as soon as you slam the door behind you isn’t good etiquette. You should first take your wallet out and give her the amount of money you agreed on.

Getting Down To Business

It’s important that once you’ve parted with your money, you get straight down to business. You’ve paid for something like 20-30 minutes of sex, so make each second count. For a lot of girls, it includes both of you undressing and the dick washing as well.

Just a tip. If she insists to shake your hand and introduce herself in a formal manner, you’ll be an exchange as heated as your interactions at the post office. It’s a telltale sign that she’s way to stiff and only gives her vagina, not herself. But you’ve already paid her at that point so whatever.

Woman kissing mans chest

Do What You Really Wanted and Knock Yourself Out

You’re there to have some seriously awesome sex, so don’t be shy to take action for it. She’ll start out by asking you to lay beside her. She’ll put a condom on you and start with a blowjob. See if you can touch her if in the process. She might not allow it but she might like it too. You’ll definitely know the answer either way. Nothing to worry about there.

If she is laying right beside you, then she probably doesn’t mind being close. If she is at the end of your bed and kneeling on the floor, that’s the good indicator that she wants to be as far as possible. If you want to choose positions, tell her by all means. It’s only fair for her to play well with you after you’ve paid. Always ask her if there is anything you want her to do.

Know When To Leave and Clean Up

In a best-case scenario, she’ll squeeze every last drop out of your dick once you’re done and clean it with a wet wipe. If not, then you’ll have to do it yourself. It’s only fair because you’ve paid for sex, not to be bathed by her. Once you’re done, don’t take any more up of her time if she looks like she’s already on her way. But if you enjoy each other’s company, then stick around to chat a bit more. If you’re interested in what an expert in the field has to say, check out VICE’s article right here!

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