How to Have an Amazing Night at a Strip Club or Brothel

Men go to a strip club or a brothel to embrace some of their deepest desires and to enjoy a great night out. All of these establishments have some great things going on during the night, but they are different from other clubs. There’s an entirely different ecosystem operating in them, which is governed by many unspoken rules. Not that the rules and ethics of such an establishment are complex, but they are something to understand. These ethics are your main way of being a gentleman within any strip club or brothel. By remaining respectful, you can be an integral part of the action going on in these establishments. So, let’s see the rules that make you a gentleman within them!

What To Wear

The way a tight suit should look.

As within any other social environment, what you wear has a major impact on the way women behave around you. Having a top outfit is one of the first things for a gentleman. It is also your passport through the doors of more classy clubs. Other regular clubs don’t require you to dress nicely, a pair of jeans and a shirt will do just fine. For those who would rather go the classy route, you can read this article on wearing elegant clothes the right way.

But keep this pro tip in mind and wear something softer than jeans. It will be more comfortable both for the girls and for you. Also, keep your pockets empty and always, and I do mean always, wear underpants! It might be an obvious thing to do, but believe me, it isn’t for a lot of people. Appearance is important, but good manners are even more important.

Ask For What You Desire and Stay Polite

The girls are not minded readers, so your best bet is asking for what you want. If you leverage this simple fact, you can experience a brothel or a strip club as your very own dream world. You only have to walk up to a girl you like and ask her to join you for the fun. Invite her for a drink and start a conversation. If you’re feeling more generous, give the bartender or her a tip too.

All of the girls were hand-picked, for their exceptional charisma and communication skills. Tell her what you want and she’ll fulfill your dream on the spot. If you’re by yourself, a girl might walk up to you, because you might be too shy to ask. If you don’t like the offer, you can just politely refuse and find another girl. The main rule is practicing good manners and being respectful to all the girls you hang out with.

The Number One Rule: Remain a Gentleman At All Times

If you want to be a part of what’s going on in a strip club, the most important thing is to remain a gentleman. Sit back and relax with a drink in your hand. Keep things cool and let yourself enjoy the view. You’re in a discrete and safe environment with a classy company and plenty of hot girls. If you find something unusual, just roll with it.

But be careful how much you drink though. If you get hammered too hard, there’s a likelihood that you’ll do something unsought for. You don’t want to cause any trouble and us men can be unreasonable if we let our lust drive us. This brings me to my second point.

If you want to have sex, visit a brothel instead of a strip club. Strip clubs might have awesome classy women with well-trained bodies, but brothels are the place to have sex. No girl in a strip club will sleep with you. So, don’t get hooked on the idea, because it will only cause disappointment.

Drinks and Pricing

As you might already know, a brothel or a strip club isn’t the cheapest place to start drinking. Especially if you have a taste for finer drinks, they will cost you quite enough cash. You’ll also have to buy a drink for the girl who you ask to join you, but she’ll make it worthwhile for you. The girls you meet will guide you through the night and make sure you have plenty of fun.

The Takeaways.

Manners make a man. Being a gentleman isn’t about throwing money around or a specific dress code. It’s practicing sufficient respect towards the women you interact with. Just follow the basic rules of ethics, buy drinks for the girls and relax.

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