Former Sex Worker Opens Up About Her Life as a Prostitute

If you don’t get shook up for at least a brief moment during this upsetting story, you’re either a person with no heart or just plain insane! The, now a 33-year-old, ex-prostitute shares her deepest secrets in her time while working as a sex worker in exchange for money, stories which only she retained in her fragile heart, over the years those experiences have been collecting there, and she felt that it’s time to raise the knowledge on hookers and whores of the interested public.’Edith’, which is her street name, not her real, of course, so that she remains in the shadows, since it’s not about her, but about the idea of public education, lost her father by the age of 15, and that was the tough period in 1999. After the devastating incident, she decided to move away from Kisaasi, Uganda, leaving her stepmother and five of her half-blood relatives. Her stepmother lived in a rented house when she left. The latest update of Edith’s biological mother’s whereabouts is unknown, since she quarreled with her father before he died, and furthermore abandoning their marital house later. Her dad married another woman later. The same woman couldn’t maintain a healthy income to keep her kid’s stomach’s full, so Edith had to take a path of her own to make money for a living, which meant that she had to drop out of school.

Stranded away from home

She learned to fend for herself by 15-years-old, her first destination was to live with her friend Jane, who was a populace of the town Kawempe. It was also a rental and she was a subtenant as a student since Jane’s school was far from home. There were acquaintances in-between the highlights, long story short, Edith was introduced to Jane’s friends, and they’re usual local where they hang out was at Club Silk, where they went for karaoke and sometimes for a dance. Edith needed the money, and this was the start of the ever later tragic story. Jane and Edith went to the bar along, where she introduced her to a friend, a tall, darker tone skin man. It was obvious that he wasn’t sober-blooded, his alcohol stench was too much protruding over his character. He ordered some food for Edith, and after the meal was fixed and eaten, the guy politely asked her if they would go somewhere quieter because the loud noise was piercing his ears.

At first, Edith was unwilling to follow his suggestions, so she excused herself and went to talk to Jane. Jane told her that he’s a good man and that she needs the money, and Edith immediately knew what was going on. They dispersed to a small room, probably within of the complex, and once they planted themselves, the kind guy dropped his mask and it turned out that he was just eager for sex,  because he was undressing Edith without a pardon. She felt tension and discomfort in her private parts, and after the event, he gave her a 20,000 SHS bill (which is around 5 US dollars) in exchange for her privacy.He demanded her to vanish as he handed her the money. Edith felt nausea and dizziness, but thankfully Jane was there to embrace her if she falls. Jane apologized to Edith for not telling her the rates, because it was an unbelievably low amount for a harsh experience like that! Edith just knew that she had to keep doing this until she establishes sufficient cash for upkeep.

Police was onto the Club, scattering the girls for being underage, so Edith and her friends had to go someplace else. Ntinda was their next destination. They stumbled to a flock of elderly women who promised them that they had better conditions. Kisenyi was the space they were working then and the boss of the place had 12 women working for him. The elderly women involved the girls in the business, and they had to make their target each night. Every night, they had to make 5000 SHS so that their boss pays their monthly rent. Every day at 8 pm, the girls assembled in the club, each being assigned with an identified man,  earning 2000 SHS per service, half going to the boss. The clientele pays only after the favor, and the first guy took her to a lodge, forcefully had sex with her and when he finished he threw the promised bill to her furiously, then he left. After she cried her soul off with hard sobbing, she regrouped with the girls and they took half of her payout. Since it was her first time, they insisted that she gets drugged before intercourse because that would’ve helped her to have sex with a stranger, it would soothe the pain. That’s when Edith got hooked on crack.

The People She Met

Without an alternate, she had to do sex exchange for 7 more years! She submitted to her boss a notebook that carried the information of each man she slept with, like an account, and on average she slept with 3 men daily! There were all kinds of people. From drunks to merchants, some of them were wealthy corporates who looked tidy and always had drinks before contact. Regardless of whether the girls are on the PMS or not, they had to stick to 5 men per night, and Edith couldn’t keep it. There was more than she could handle already, but the compulsory worked required of her to do extra something to stack up to the difference. She had to rob her clients in order not to get beat, and the clients couldn’t bat an eyelid since prostitution was a crime by default so they couldn’t risk being identified if they get mugged.

Plot twist

Tables have turned when she got pregnant, it completely disorientated her viewpoint, since she wanted to keep the baby. The rules are the same even if she’s in a different condition, so she continued to do sex work until it overflowed the cup leading to a miscarriage. She resummons back the memory, Edith felt the pain in her abdomen but wasn’t aware of the severity of the situation, moments later she sees herself in a hospital after a blackout. Her colleagues ditched her, and she was one whole month in a hospital bed without a nurse to consult her, and the neighborhood patients were the ones providing her food. After she was discharged, she was left nowhere to go. One of the patients asked if she wants to live with them, and she surely didn’t want to go back to her ruthless colleagues. Her caretaker paid the hospital bills, and she was clear of any illnesses and diseases. It all seemed like quick cash, but it was more painful than lucrative. She got some chronic STDs but eventually lifting them with care, since the clients don’t care about protection mostly.


Edith today is studying at a cosmetology course which is funded by African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect. The doctor at the course said that it’s hard to convert a prostitute to a healthy condition since they’ve been exposed to numerous of STDs, and in Edith case, she was highly fortunate not to acquire HIV.The doctor said that it’s likely that those prostitutes who joined sex exchange willingly will go back for it after deserting the ANPPCAN course, but in Edith’s case, it was just an unfortunate set of events which compelled her to quit the sex work and get back into humane condition, from her then catastrophic one.

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