Father of five children murdered in front of brothel

According to recent reports, a 36 year old father of five children has been murdered in front of brothel in Münster, Germany. The man was allegedly celebrating his newborn’s birth with a couple of friends when he was assaulted. Despite receiving medical aid, the man did not survive the stab wounds and he died in front of the establishment. Read the full article to learn more about this unfortunate tragedy.

The assault in front of the brothel

According to our sources, the man was celebrating the birth of his son with a couple of friends in a brothel called “Heideflamme” in Munster, Trauen. The group of guys was escorted to the brothel by the establishment’s shuttle service, where they spent the evening. The man allegedly wanted to leave around 11PM with his friends when he was assaulted in front of the establishment. The man was stabbed multiple times with a knife by an unknown assailant.

The 36 year old man immediately received medical aid from the emergency unit that was dispatched, but he died from the stab wounds in front of the brothel.

Who stabbed the father of five children?

At this time, it is unclear who exactly assaulted the 36 year old man in front of the brothel. The police’s first suspect of the assault was actually the owner and operator of the Heideflamme brothel. The man was taken into custody at the time of the incident, but he has been released since then. When asked why he was released, the suspect’s attorney stated that “Further details are not provided, as the evidence has not been finalized”.


Currently, there are flowers and candles at the place of the incident, mourning the loss of the father of five children. Unfortunately, since the offender was not yet identified, the family not only has to deal with mourning their loved one, but they are also uncertain who did this. The number one suspect of the assault has been released because of lack of evidence. We will keep our readers posted about any new information that emerges about this tragic story. Until then, be sure to tell us what you think about the incident in the comment section below.


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