How To Get Laid With Tinder a Lot Quicker

If you’re constantly horny, chances are good that you have already used dating apps. Here, I’m going to tell you how to be better at using Tinder and have a lot more meaningless sex!

Tinder can be a harsh land for guys. It’s often a great struggle with plenty of disappointment. Women have about 250% more matches than men. This seems kind of unfair at first until you understand how this world works and become a master of it. You can get a lot more matches on Tinder, even if you have a penis. In this guide, we’ll be looking at what potential mistakes you might have made in your Tinder endeavors and how you can fix them.

Quick Info: If you want to be more clear about what Tinder is and what it has in store, check out these 33 short facts about it:

Women are a lot pickier than guys are, so you’ll have to be extra aware of how you set up your profile. Sure, it’s a simple “fuck yes or fucks no” situation. They just swipe left or right, or at least that’s what you think! A lot of girls do dive deeper into who they match with. Your profile picture catches their eye, your bio is attractive, boom you have a match! Yet often enough, you get ghosted or ignored. Maybe sometimes without even any consideration. I know bro, it’s a tough world out there. Yet with the right preparation, you can thrive! As Bruce Lee once said, don’t pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one. That’s exactly what you’re going to do. Build some fucking muscle onto that Tinder profile of yours! So, let’s get down to it!

Step #1 Mastering Photos

Your profile photo can make you or break you, because it’s the first and often the last impression you make. A bad profile picture is more than enough to turn a girl off. It is also all that you need sometimes to get a girl to match with you. For that to happen, you’ll have to understand the do’s and don’ts of Tinder pictures.

You have a chance to show your best side and establish what you’ll be noted for. Your photos aren’t about how you look, but how you come across. Even if your face is esthetic and your body looks good, you can still have a hard time getting matches. That is mostly because you probably fall within some of the cliché categories within women’s eyes. There are a lot of guy types that women classify when they look at images. Some transmit some pretty clear messages, so if you have any of these images on your profile please remove them and upload something else.

The Clichés

As I said, you’ll want to avoid having any of these on your profile. Women have a reflex of ignoring anything they find too dull or booring.

Group Photos

You can be sure about one thing, nobody’s going to take the time to try and sort out which guy is you. If you have a group party photo or any other group photo as your profile image, you’re finished. These pictures communicate that you’re too shy or too scared to show yourself or take selfies. So stop it.

Grab your phone or camera, take a few selfies or a few thousand if you have to. Show your face, show some of your body and show off your cat or dog if you have one. Your chances will be a lot better than they were with a group photo. Plus points if you have someone take a photograph of you with a better camera.

The “I Have Money and a Huge Car” Photos

Sure, material possessions are enough to turn on some women. If those are the women you’re aiming for than you can skip this part. If you want more women, than showing off with your BMW isn’t going to cut it. You can make a cool shot of you driving or something, but a photo of you standing in front of your car won’t get you far with most women. Also, if you’re so hell-bent on having women know that you’re wealthy, you should use Looking For Arrangement instead.

Gym Bro Shots

A lean and muscular upper body is always attractive, but not because it’s vascular. If you’re proud that you work out and feel like a beast after the last few reps, good for you. Yet that isn’t something to share on Tinder, let alone make it your profile picture. Looking like you want to psych your opponent out before a cage fight, might not get you all the girls. Also, gym selfies are just way too typical of men, so a lot of women might consider you a cliché guy because of them. Super-ripped guys with vascular arms aren’t what women are looking for anyway. If they were than you’d see guys like that on women-oriented magazine covers.

The Tools of Your Craft

If you’re a programmer and you have a cool living-room set up, you still don’t have a reason to show it off on Tinder. What are you trying to communicate? That you have a strong PC or an awesome TV? Inanimate objects are useless in online dating. If you’re a geek, show that instead of a photo of yourself. More and more girls are getting hooked for smart IT geeks, you know.

Animal Photos

Shots you take with animals can be a double-edged sword, depending on their context. If you’re a hunter or a fisher, showing off with dead and bloody animals is a bad idea. I mean, who would get hooked on a guy who’s posing with a corpse? Gone are the days when all men had to do is be good at hunting to get some pussy.

If you have a cuddly pet like a dog or a cat, you’ll improve your chances by sharing a photo with it. There just has to be some more context to it other than “me and my pet”. Also, if you like to ride horses in beautiful places, you already have yourself the majestic profile photo. Photos like this will get the girls swiping right sooner than you think. Just take a look at this guy. He clearly knows what he’s doing.

Man posing with dog.

Step #2 Selling Yourself With Your Bio

Your profile picture will get the ladies interested, but your bio will hook them. They’ll definitely read it if they like your profile picture, so make sure it counts! Give a bit of your personality in the most straight to the point, short and sharp manner possible. If you have a sense of humor, you’re best off using that. Write something witty if you can, like this:

“ I’m a regular subject of exciting medical experiments for money. I have to watch the cheesiest movies they can find and see how well I endure. “

This might not say much about who you are and what you do, but that isn’t a problem. As long as it can make the girl interested, it works. Let’s be honest, nobody wants to talk about mundane things anyway. So use your 500 characters as creatively as you can!

Step #3 Matches Mean Nothing Without Messages

Getting matched with a girl you want is only the first step. Things start when you send your first message. It’s no wonder that it is the place where most guys fail miserably. Also, you could wait for her to message you, but there’s only a 1/10 chance of that happening.

Starting the conversation with a phrase like “hey”, “what’s up”, “hi babe”, “how’s it going” and others, will lessen your chances of hooking up. Remember what I said about clichés? Nobody likes them. So the best thing you can do is to try and make it as personal as possible. Her profile is a gold mine of useful information that you can use within a conversation. Ask her for the pet’s name you saw on her picture or about the vacation she shared a photo of. If you find something that you can identify with on her profile, something that you both share, then comment on that. If you can’t come up with any of these, just try to kickstart the conversation with something funny. For example:

“ Ninjas are way cooler than pirates, yes or no? ”

This line might not work with every girl, but you can see what I’m getting at. The point is to start the conversation with something that you can both relate to or something funny. Also, the most important thing is to make clear that your interests aren’t purely sexual.

If the girl doesn’t respond and it seems like you’re only talking to yourself, know how to take a hint. Here’s an entire video from women on what messages work best in online dating:

Step #4 Be Cool If They Unmatch

Not everyone will like you, even if they matched with you. Sometimes it’s not even about you. Tinder is a fast-paced environment, they lose their interest quite quickly as well. It’s not necessarily about you either, they just get busy and unmatch to clear out the clutter. Not every girl on Tinder is hell-bent on finding a boyfriend or having casual sex. So if they unmatch or stop responding, know how to move on, it’s not the end of the world. Also, don’t try to reach them on social media, just to clear things up. Do yourself a favor and move on as well. Think about all the meaningless sex you’re going to miss if you get stuck with a girl that doesn’t like you. It’s not about you most of the time anyway.

Step #5 Be Straight With Your Intentions

Being vague with your intentions will only create distrust. If you just want to fuck than be clear about it. If you’re looking for a relationship than say it. Don’t say things like you want to “chill” with somebody. Most women don’t want any surprises and wouldn’t expect you to grab their ass or pussy without stating your intentions beforehand. So be clear about what you want, but not too clear. Watch your language, because you don’t want to creep out anybody.

To Conclude

Getting good with Tinder isn’t rocket science and it takes only a few minutes to upgrade your profile. Maybe a few more if you have to take a couple of decent photos as well. If you have a decent look and a few witty lines to write, you’ll be all set. You’ll have more right swipes coming your way than ever before! If you want to learn more from a woman with experience, check out this awesome VICE article.

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