An Explanation To What Actually Counts as Cheating in a Relationship

As humans, we’re the only ones that work so hard to establish monogamy relationships. Yet we love diversity and find a special excitement within a brothel. Does that count as cheating? Let’s find out!

It’s hard to find out how reliable numbers when we want to know actually how many people cheat on their partners. Why? Because it involves lying and a lot of it. But some studies show that about 45% of British men and 32% of women have admitted to cheating. Still, it is unclear to many of us. What actually is cheating? Because what cheating is for one couple, it’s part of everyday life for another. Do we mean cheating by intercourse and penetrative sex? Is maybe talking to hot girls on the side and downloading a dating app cheating in some way as well? Is flirting a step towards cheating as well? Let’s see.

What Cheating Is In The Eyes Of The Law

According to the law, adultery means sexual contact outside of marriage, plain and simple. But people take things to the next level every time. They tend to accuse one another of cheating if one of the files for divorce. Sometimes it’s because one of them got more physical contact with another person, or enjoyed flirting with them. Even though it’s trivial, people say that  “this oversteps the boundaries of what I agreed upon”, and no judge or lawyer would interfere with this. If the two people say that it’s over between them, then it’s over. Nobody tries to fix that. Most of the time, divorce is all about the children and division of property.

What Cheating Means For a Sex Worker

For sex workers and people with open relationships, things are simpler. Cheating is when someone has sex with another person without their partner’s knowledge.  Some couples welcome others inside their bed as well or let their partner visit a sex worker. But if a wife or husband isn’t understanding about sexual fantasies and fetish, the situation is harder. Yet if either of them wants to try a particular kind of sexual adventure while the other doesn’t, it might be a good solution to visit a sex worker.

What Cheating Means From a Moral Standpoint

Every relationship is based on different arrangements, so cheating has different meanings as well. At the core, cheating could be considered as a related activity that is happening outside of the relationship. That doesn’t have to be sexual contact. It can even be a date or excessive flirting. Even an intense friendship can be considered as cheating to some. If you give the part of yourself away from that you promised your partner, that’s cheating. But for a lot of people, it can be something that simply sparks jealous. Someone thinks that it isn’t cheating until you put your penis somewhere. Other say “oh I was drunk and outside the country, it doesn’t count”. It depends who you’re dealing with.

What Cheating Means to a Therapist

I find this standpoint to be the simplest and most reasonable. Cheating is when the agreement between the two parties is broken. Sometimes it’s sexual contact while for other’s it’s only a very close friendship.

Most of the time things boil down to proper communication. We have to ask ourselves and each other, what does a monogamy relationship mean to you?

Jealousy is a powerful thing and seeing your partner being intimate with someone outside the relationship can have destructive effects. If a person has trust issues that he/she brought into the relationship from before, it’s even worse.

What Cheating Means Within an Open Relationship

An open relationship has a special dynamic that makes things works. Which is why cheating means breaking this dynamic. If they have sex with someone else with the partner’s prior consent its fine. But if they do it without his or her knowledge, it can affect them in a very negative way.  The violation of trust is what takes most relationships apart and does so with open relationships as well. For most open relationship enthusiasts, this is what they want to avoid the most. In an open relationship, you can have as many partners as you want, but once you lie to your partner, it’s over.

A couple eating in bed.

A lot of people who are in an open relationship have been hurt many times. Which is why they would rather put up their barriers within an open relationship. They don’t have to open up to pain again and take a much safer approach.

To Conclude

As you can see, cheating has many different meanings and variations. But it always boils down to the breaking of terms and the breaking of trust. What do you think? What counts as cheating on you? Tell us in the comments section below!

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