All The Shocking Events Happening Around Strip Clubs and Brothels

When people are looking for pleasure, they hit up a brothel or a strip club and enjoy their night. These places are usually about enjoying some sweet feminine beauty along with a couple of bears, but they are often scenes to some shocking events. Some of them are quite positive in nature, while others are as bad as they can get.

Striptease girls and brothel workers often find the time to take part in unique events that stir up a bit of dust. These always turn out to be something to talk about. Still, violence and aggression don’t leave strip clubs out either.Some people use strip clubs to catch their victims and to settle their conflicts once and for all.Let’s dive into the most shocking events that have happened around strip clubs lately.

Brothels as The Scenes of Shootouts

Brothels attract people of all kinds and some of them have gone there with the intention of causing harm to their victims or to settle their conflicts. Here are some of such events.

Drive-by Shooting at Foxxy’s Bikini Sports Bar

The employees of a popular American strip bar were just standing around at 2.00 am when their shift was about to end. Suddenly, danger approached them out of nowhere.

Some guy with a gun drove by and started shooting at them. He intended to finish off or at least injure some of the employees during the drive-by shootout. Lucky for them, hewasn’t a marksman. He only hit a few cars and an employee’s foot. He left the rest of the employees uninjured and just drove off after that.

This was scary indeed, but considering the weight of it, the guys came out of the situation really well. The Police are investigating the suspect but they don’t have too much to work with. You can read more about the event right here.

A Man Died In a Shooting in Front of Mississauga Strip Club

This one was short and done in cold blood.

A 27-year-old guy just got shot early in the morning, in front of a Mississauga strip club. His injuries were severe and he has rushed to the hospital right away. Sadly, he died not long after.Everything went down really quickly and the suspect was nowhere to be found. The police are still investigating him though. Let’s hope he’ll be found soon. Until then, you can read more about the event, here.

A Fire Explosion Set a Club On Fire

Some people find shooting guns to be a very mainstream way of settling their conflicts, so they do it with bombs instead. Many people’s favorite, the Kitten’s Strip Club was set on fire by a firebomb. The 20-meter flames have torn its roof up badly and they took 30 brave firemen to extinguish. Luckily, the flames were put under control within a few hours and nobody got hurt.

Nobody is sure about exactly who used a fire explosion to light the place on fire, but the police and the club owners have a pretty good guess. A biker gang that operates in the area, has been in conflict with the club’s security for quite some time. They think that this way their means of settling things.

The police have put great efforts towards putting this satiation under control and helping the club eliminate the threat. Such events pose a great danger to innocent members of the public, so they have to be stopped as soon as possible.You can read more about this incident here.

A picture of the burnt out brothel.

Hot Striptease Show In Front of a Chicago Jail

So, after all the frightening events, let’s end this article with a positive voice and talk about how prisoners were delighted by a hot strip show.

Who says that inmates in Chicago, have to be left out of all the fun? Absolutely nobody! That’s why a group of strippers held an awesome strip show for them on top of a 27 story high parking lot. They did an admirable strip show for all of the prison’s inhabitants, which they really enjoyed. Some of them even knew the strippers, according to one of the prison gang leaders, called TJ.

Nor the authorities in the prison or the spokesperson of the US Attorney’s office left a comment on this event. But everyone in the building could see the strip show that took place. It seems that the Metropolian Correctional center can’t do a thing about the strip shows. This is because the parking lot falls outside of the control of the prison. It’s likely that there will be more happening in the future.

In fact, this wasn’t the first time, strippers threw a show for the prisoners, according to some citizens. Some of them were weirded out by it quite a few times in the past, so it seems that the prisoners can enjoy a steady dose of sexiness every once in a while. You can read and see more about the event in The Vice’s article.

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