How a Brothel Could Actually Work Like a Therapy Center

There’s a lot more to know about sex work and every brothel than what meets the eye. Also, people have been brought up with a pretty stigmatizing view regarding sex work. They believe that it is something bad and corrupt, which isn’t completely far away from the truth. Yet it can be definitely approached in a sensible manner. Even drugs can have a truly therapeutic effect if used in the right way, so there’s no reason to stigmatize anything anymore.

Did you know that there’s a type of sex work that works as a form of healing therapy? There are plenty of them, so we’ll cover how these work. You probably have experienced some of these therapeutic effects yourself in a brothel sometime. Because it’s simply great to be in a space where you can safely explore your sexuality. Providing a space like this, that offers intimacy without any kind of judgments is what this form of sex work is all about. Besides the awesome sex, there are a lot of other reasons people go to a brothel. Those reasons are very similar to why people with disabilities require the help of a sex worker.

The Need For Therapeutic Sex work

Loneliness, depression and social anxiety are one of the diseases of modern times. But they are things that care and intimacy can help heal. Which is why the name surrogate partner was born. Surrogate partners don’t operate like regular sex workers do. They are often recommended by therapists and psychologists and require some kind of certification. These women seek to help their clients overcome trauma and social anxiety. Besides giving them an amazing sexual experience, they help them be better at building connections and sharing intimacy.

People who suffer from mental illnesses like post-traumatic stress disorders or physical disabilities, often have severe social anxiety. Someone who has suffered sexual abuse in the past is really in need of such a therapy. I’m talking mainly about child abuse and rape victims here.They go through certain breathing exercises, massages, and meditation is required. It can be a really life-changing experience. Something you can rarely find inside the confines of a brothel.

The way these sessions would help anyone, even a fully able person, is to be present during sex. Have you ever found yourself fantasizing about something else while having sex? You probably have. It’s very easy to start daydreaming during sex for normal people. While for traumatized people, it’s very hard to be present in their bodies. So, that’s one of the main benefits of sex therapy, helping a person be present in his or her body. This can be a great exercise for anyone who is looking to deepen their sexuality, instead of constantly looking for more.

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There’s dire need for this kind of sex work. More than 40% of people asked in a survey, said they never had sex with a disabled person. While 70% percent admitted that they would never have sex with them either.

Therapeutic Sex Workers

I don’t think you would find a surrogate partner or a sex coach inside a brothel. They mostly operate out of their homes or have their own establishment. These men and women are individuals with a passion for healing and helping people. Some of them have different day jobs and do this kind of sex work on the side, for the sake of helping people. Getting a guy to get over his anxieties and fears, maybe even traumas are truly rewarding for them. Sex coaches and surrogate partners help their clients be better at intimacy.

For example, Carmen Ford, a professional surrogate partner wanted to be a therapist ever since she was very young. Conventional education and college didn’t really work out for her so she dropped out. But her deep desire to help people stayed with her. It only took a new direction, driving her to create an actual healing experience. She decided to help others overcome their traumas and fears through sex work. It was the best idea ever since she has helped plenty of people.

One of her clients was a disabled man in his forties who never had sex. He had a severe social anxiety and needed help with it. Once he had his session with Carmen, he informed her that he had met a woman and started his own sexual exploration with her. This is what surrogate partners do.


People with disabilities and mental illnesses have it hard, sometimes even we normal people do. So it’s often great to have someone as our therapist to help us through these experiences. We all know that some awesome sex can have real therapeutic effects, but intimacy has an even more powerful effect on us. It’s important that we have access to something that makes them feel comfortable in their time of need. So there’s no reason to stigmatize sex work when it can provide so much help for people who really need it.

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