The Behaviors That Might Ruin Your Experience in a Brothel

It would be a lie to say that you don’t enjoy dominating in sex. You get to dominate all you want in a brothel, but sometimes it might destroy the experience. Here’s why.

We are greeted by a lot of beautiful women every time we enter our favorite joint. They go out of their way to make sure we’re satisfied and often endure a lot of bullshit too. Yeah, they get good money for it I know. Sometimes they even enjoy having good company. Yet people tend to overstep their boundaries, which causes plenty of discomfort for them. If they feel discomfort and unease, it might just ruin your experience. Few things are worse than having sex with an unhappy prostitute who’s service you paid for.

It’s in our nature to dominate the female, and the girls know that. Sometimes they really love it too. But it’s easy to overstep some serious boundaries, especially if you have a few kinks and fetishes. For example, unloading your cum onto a girl’s face or tits often doesn’t fly. So, keep these few things in mind to avoid any unpleasant encounters when you visit a brothel, hook up or get into a relationship.

The Real Problem With Rough Male-Dominated Sex

Some girls love it hard and rough, no doubt about it. We love them loving it too. Rough sex with some extra sexual favors is always fun. But only with the girl’s consent! Especially when she is a prostitute. Any sex acts that aren’t done without the proper consent are a form of sexual assault. Nothing less.

It happens too often that guys do reckless things to women, without asking consent. They don’t even consider how the woman would feel if they slap them in the face with their cock. It seems as if it is completely normal to do it. For some reason, many men crave to unload to a girl’s face or boobs. If not that, then they end up being too demanding and not even caring about the other person. Sexy can’t be fully enjoyable is one party is pressured into doing something they don’t want to. This deeply self-involved behavior rarely has them ending up in a good place. Especially if a guy gets turned on by the fact that his penis bruised a woman’s cervix.

This unspoken pressure is often present within the prostitutes you have sex with, girls you hook up with and even your partner. If the girl isn’t too confident in herself, she might be afraid that she’ll lose a relationship. A girl that is “less fussy” or more “high maintenance” might take her place. So they do everything they can to please their partner. Don’t take advantage of that if you’re sharing even a quick sexy time with a woman. Respect her as an equal. Even if she is a prostitute and you pay money for her. If you value intimacy, then always respect your partner as an equal to you. Way too many heterosexual guys make sex completely about themselves. They forget that it’s the two of you.

Where Overly Male Dominated-Sex Originates From

As I said, it’s perfectly normal for if a man wants to dominate. The problem starts when their behavior moves towards toxic masculinity. It finds an expression as rough male-dominated sex – the kind you see in porn. Porn corresponds to aggressive sexual behavior. It affects how you treat your partner and women in general.

This soon leads to guys thinking that it’s pretty cool to choke a girl or to make her deepthroat even if she doesn’t want to. Maybe it’s just some hair pulling, spanking or jackhammering her face with your dick. Either way, none of these is acceptable without the proper consent. Yet constant porn consumption makes us forget these. So our dicks are slowly warped into destructive tools that create porn influenced nightmares.

man yelling woman watching

Some guys are really into choking women. Some women are into it as well. But if he ends up making it hard for her to breathe, without knowing why it’s happening is pretty scary. It might end your session as well if you do this in a brothel.

If a girl ends up having to plea you to let her go or to not hurt her, there are problems you have to look at. There’s nothing sexy about having a girl end up in tears because she had such “great” sex with you. Don’t do extreme or even a bit hurtful things without asking her first. Don’t force her into positions that hurt. Her silence isn’t some kind of permission that lets you finish. So be mindful and pay attention to whether she enjoys what you’re doing or not. There’s nothing more horrible for a woman than to feel degraded after sex.


No girl rides a dick better than one who enjoys it. In fact, nothing makes a girl hornier when she can really loosen up with a guy. If there is nothing demanded of her, sex will be so much better for both of you. So remember, if you go to a brothel, hook up or have sex in your relationship, have respect for the girl’s boundaries. Magic will happen if you do!

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