How Arrangement Sites Bring Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies Together

Did you know that some girls make around $75 000 a year by being sugar babies? The notion of women providing favors in exchange for material possession is nothing new. Especially if you visit a brothel every now and then. Also, seeing an incredibly beautiful woman married to a rich old dude gets us smiling most of the time. A bit of sober thinking and insight is enough to get us judging. It’s obvious that the woman is in it for the money, isn’t it? Well yeah, it is. But our judgments move further from there every time. It moves on to us judging her as unethical, slutty and just a plain money hungry bitch.

Well, some women would openly admit that they are married for money. Compensating a woman’s attention with money is something that we benefit from as well. For a lot of men and women out there, this is the only way they can function. They become sugar babies or sugar daddies. Which further away from sex-work than you might think.

With the possibilities the 21st century has granted us, we took these arrangements to the next level. Getting married seems to be less of a good deal than ever, but we still want company. In that case, we have wonderful websites like and These sites offer rich men the possibility to date more hot women than ever.

How Does The Site work?

It’s pretty simple. You sign up as a sugar baby, sugar daddy or a sugar mommy and create your profile. There you add a few pictures and a description of what and who you’re looking for. If you’re a good-looking college girl, just state what you want and need and what you will offer in return. Same goes for sugar daddies.

This kind of transparency is what’s expected of dating websites. It is also what moves them forward because it allows people to meet the exact kind of person they are looking for. If a girl just needs someone to help her with her education fees, but she isn’t willing to have sex, she can clearly state it.

What Kind Of Girls Are Up There?

Like I said, being a sugar baby is light years from being a prostitute. It’s an arrangement where the two parties are in it for mutual benefits. Girls are allowed to set clear boundaries and don’t have to have sex if they don’t want to. There all sorts of women up there, but a great deal of them are college students. They are looking for a way to cope with their college expenses, and this might be the perfect one. Other women just want to make more money.

Simply put, sugar babies are women who are looking to improve their lifestyle with a sugar daddy. They make an arrangement with a wealthy man, that might or might not involve sex and go on getting paid $200-$300 a night. Very good looking college girls ask for $500 – $600 and get it.

Sometimes they even build a sustainable relationship this way, but that’s rarely the case. But being a sugar baby definitely pays their college expenses and maybe even afford a bigger apartment. If a girl manages to do that without even having sex, then she deserves some praise.

Some girls get it even better and receive cars, regular dinners, vacations, shopping tours and anything else they fancy. Some of them ask for $2000 to $5000 while they even have a career. That’s a pretty solid income that takes their life to the next level.

What’s It Like For The Sugar Daddies?

With this much money on the table, wouldn’t guys be just better off marrying a woman? Well, not in many cases. Getting married comes with a lot of risks especially in states like California. The courts favor women most of the time, which can leave men in a dire situation. A lot of times they end up paying five as much for lawyers than they would for a having a sugar baby for a year. In fact, with no-contest divorce laws, some men even end up losing their retirement savings.

Having a sugar baby is like having a girlfriend, only that you’ll never get married. The love story is constantly within the honeymoon phase. There are lots of trips, beautiful sights, good dinners and other amazing things to enjoy.

A wife gets used to good things and even gets resentful sometimes. While sugar babies are always thankful and thrilled when they are on a trip or a date. Being constantly bombarded by gifts, dinners, outings and plenty of pleasant will always keep them excited. Wives of rich men take these for granted most of the time. It’s something that not many are willing to put up with anymore. So they reach out to this great alternative.


If you have plenty of cash to support a college girl or even a mature woman, has the perfect opportunities. It’s a great way to help men and women get what they want, without any kind of manipulation or lies. There 10 million registered profiles say that even more people will be looking for such arrangements soon enough.

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