A Man Got Scammed With €70 000 In a San Francisco Brothel

San Francisco is home to many good brothels. But one particular group of brothels, namely the Déjà Vu group, has been the scene for many suspicious activities. Déjà Vu is made up of four clubs: Little Darlings, Garden of Eden, Roaring 20’s and New Century Theater. All of these is being investigated by the police.

Even though it has a long and prosperous history, it is being really mischievous. Did you know that this group was founded almost 40 years ago? So says their Wikipedia article.

But now, more than a dozen clients in each of these brothels have reported being a victim of a credit card scam. They had more money taken from their account then they expected, a lot more.

These four brothels have been very suspicious lately, which explains their mediocre ratings on Google and other review sites.

Two individuals got scammed with incredible amounts of money. These occurrences just couldn’t go unnoticed. One of the most noteworthy cases was one when a pouter only consumed a beer in the brothel and passed out not soon after. The last thing he remembers is being charged €1,300 for the beer. Once he woke up and checked his bank account, he noticed that he was billed, €70 000 for “the service”.

The other individual ’wasn’t scammed with so much money. He only paid 10 times as much as he was supposed to. The man was expecting a €200 bill and he got charged, €2000 instead. He didn’t any such premium services that it would cost him this much. So it is certain that he was scammed at Little Darlings. They told him that the card was rejected by the machine and he went home right after that. The next morning when he wanted to take money from an ATM, he noticed that his account was completely drained.

These two cases sparked a lot of suspicions and gave a police a good reason to further investigate the brothel group.

So What Did The Brothels Have To Say?

Déjà Vu’s spokesperson denies that the clubs would ever commit such shameful crimes. He stated that there was no chance, that such scams would ever happen. They did everything possible in order to prevent them from happening.

He closed the statement by saying that these are all false accusations.  He also added that “At no time is a dancer able to process a credit card charge without the patron being present”.

The investigations will shine a light on whether his statements are true or not.

These are the two major credit card scams that happened in San Francisco lately. You can learn more about them here.

It looks like credit card scams are gaining popularity among brothels, so we strongly advise any pouters, brothel visitors to practice caution.

A Striptease Dancer Performs in a Brothel

Instead of placing your credit card in hands that you don’t completely trust, use cash to pay for the services. This eliminates the possibility of such credit card scams and lets you rest more peacefully after a long night at one of your favorite brothels.

There is also a lot more criminal activity happening in San Francisco’s brothers that’s worth taking note of.


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