5 Rules For Having an Awesome Night at the Brothel

It’s always awesome to have some sweet sexy time at the brothel. Yet you can always make your time there even better with the right mindset and preparation. There are some simple things you can do to make it even better. Here I’m going to share you my top rules to having an awesome night at the brothel!

Eat Something Before You Go

Nothing gets you more down than feeling hungry and drained of energy. You might still be able to perform, but it definitely doesn’t help in bettering the experience. So, having a small meal before you hit the brothel ensures that you don’t go hungry and feel good during an action.

Get Yourself In The Mood

Take a shower, dress up nicely and use some perfume. Do whatever makes you feel sexy and get yourself in the right mood to some all-out banging. If you have any sort of ritual to put you in the right mood, maybe a little solo business, then do it before you go to the brothel.

Always Ask If You Can Touch Her

It can really make a bad impression if you just walk up to a girl and start touching her body. So don’t go around grabbing those booties on a whim. Make eye contact with her first and then walk up to her, ask her for the price and whether she would like to go to a room with you. Because girls just love gentlemen.

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Bring Your Own Condoms

You don’t rely on anyone else to wash your hands, so you shouldn’t rely on them for your protecting your sexual hygiene. Every brothel has condoms in the house of course, but you should always have your own with you just in case. No, I don’t mean that emergency condom in your wallet. I mean a fresh pack of condoms.

Don’t Get Too Hammered

The girls don’t really like wasted guys with bad breaths walking up to them and asking them for a bang. So go easy with the drinks. Drink a few beers if you need to loosen up, but don’t go over your average consumption.


Take care of your needs before you hit a brothel and always be a gentleman to the girls to have a great time!

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