The BDSM Brothel That Offers Abduction Services

Not every place serving sexy time is a cozy brothel. In fact, they don’t even have sex in a lot of places and still have fun. Some people prefer to go to dungeons and submit to a not so average kinks and fetishes.  In the world of BDSM, there are no rules and some adventures are very terrifying. In this strange world, some people’s nightmares are other people’s greatest desires. Because having a gun held to their head and being stuffed into a car that takes them God knows where is some people’s idea of sexy time.
In fact, this is something that people pay heaps of money for. They hire a dominatrix who plans and executes their kidnapping. She takes them into her BDSM dungeon most of the time where they can have some serious fun. Their abduction is cruel. They get a bag on their head, have their hands tied up and their nipples tortured. Sounds like plenty of fun? Well here we’ll look at how and why they do it.

How a BDSM Abduction Happens

With BDSM fantasies becoming more and more popular, there are more services guys and girls can reach out to. They turn themselves into submissives and give their consent to whatever will take place during their session. Of course, telling them any of it in advance would spoil the surprise. The mistress they have reached out to will reassure them that the abduction will happen. But no client knows exactly when and how it will happen. When it does, they aren’t taken to a brothel, but BDSM cave where all sorts of dirty things happen.

Big cities like New York and Vienna are the perfect stage for such kidnappings. They’re filled with plenty of wealthy and powerful people who love good BDSM adventures. One of the ladies that get a lot of bankers as her clients is a dominatrix called Mistress Darcy. She is a real professional in her field who helps people experience a complete loss of power.

Quick Info: You can find more about Darcy, along with the kind of services she offers to her clients on her official site:

Her kidnappings are quite expensive, involve a lot of tools and are done in numerous locations. But she uses her own BDSM dungeon most of the time. It is filled with the tools required for such an adventure and nobody bothers if they hear someone scream. She also knows a couple of martial arts moves, in case she needs to use force on the client. She’ll easily make them drop to their knees and tie them up. But if that isn’t enough, she’ll just give the guy a choke hold and make him pass out.

Anyone who wants to enjoy a kidnapping can arrange a meeting with her. Clients can establish boundaries because not everyone enjoys being physically injuries. They would rather go with a solid mind fuck. After that, it’s up to Darcy to conduct the kidnapping. She has to be extra careful to not violate her client’s privacy but still make the abduction a surprise.

Why Some Guys Love Abduction Adventures

It’s reasonable to think that such a craving for painful and terrifying experiences have something to do with childhood trauma. Which might stand true for some people, but in most cases, it’s about the loss of power. Powerful individuals who get to boss people around during the day, enjoy losing control. They simply like when a dominatrix fucks their head up.

About every 5th person has fantasies that involve abduction and torture mixed with sexual arousals. That doesn’t mean that they’ll order an abduction for themselves, but they’re excited by the idea. One of the main reasons people enjoy being a submissive is due to shame in our society. We shame anyone who’s sexual preferences fall out of line with our own. If we don’t shame others than we feel shame ourselves. Giving up responsibility and control, lets these people bypass the shame they would feel. They can easily say “oh it wasn’t me, they made me do it”, as they experiment with their own sexuality and mind.


The loss of power seems overly exciting for men and women who have all the power they want during the day. At night, they look up a BDSM dominatrix who can finally fuck them up and take their control away. It gives them a sense of freedom and an excitement they wouldn’t get otherwise.


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