The Weirdest Sex Records Anyone Ever Broke


When it comes to sex we all try to do our best, but there are some people out there who have set an example with their sexual prowess. Of course these examples may be of what to or not to do, depending on everyone’s views on sex and healthy behaviour. Here are some of the people who stretched their limits and sometimes something more in order to prove nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it.

Most Children Fathered

There are many fathers out there that don’t know the actual number of their off-springs, but fortunately this man did keep the score. Moulay Ismail Ibn Sharif was a Moroccan king who fought for his country’s independence and actually won. Apparently his sperm was invincible too because he got pregnant every woman in his 500 women harem, until he ended up with more than one thousand children.

  • You can read more about the unusual story of Moulay Ibn Sharif in this Wiki article

Owing to the number of people he killed he was also nicknamed “the bloodthirsty” and one may suspect he was trying to replace every other race with his genes. He didn’t succeed, but we can be sure his descendants still roam the Earth today, trying to get women pregnant, probably.


Largest Gangbang

We have a male and a female section in this category. The woman with the toughest pussy is sexy porn star Lisa Sparxxx who brought pleasure to 919 men in one day. She defeated two previous records and her feat is unchallenged since 2004.

The man who had the honour of satisfying most women in one day was porn star John Dough at a feeble 55 ladies, compared to Lisa. This could stand to prove either that women have to work harder at everything, or that some things have to be hard in order to work.

Largest Orgy

If there is one nation in the world that likes breaking records more than the USA, that’s Japan. Don’t expect some dirty, sloppy orgy with arms and legs flying akimbo and hot girls having sex with everyone.

All of the participants were couples tested for STD’s and they had sex only with their partners on neatly laid beds in carefully choreographed actions and positions. Sound kind of boring for an orgy, but it’s the largest one out there ever caught on film with 250 couples taking part in it.


World’s Strongest Vagina

A long time has passed since women rebelled against the authority of men and proved themselves as strong as any in almost every field. But who would have thought of a woman who can cripple a man with her bare vagina?

  • The Huffington Post posted a nice interview with Tatyana that you can check out here

We present you Tatyana Kozhevnikova, the possessor of the strongest vagina in the world. She started exercising her vagina muscles after her first baby, fifteen years ago, and now she can boast on lifting 14 kilos with her private parts. She can probably also rip off a man’s penis if she gets too excited. Lucky for everyone she’s already married.


Oldest Parents in the World

Love is ageless and family planning in non-existent apparently in India, where these two careless oldsters came from. They are not a couple and possibly not even alive as you are reading this, but unconventional is what they are. Rajo Devi Lohan had her first and probably her last child at 70 while Nanu Ram Jogi fathered his 21st child at the age of 90.

  • Luckily, The Guardian had the opportunity to meet Rajo Devi Lohan and it ended up in a great interview. Click here for the full article

We all must agree that sex is fun and it looks like for some people, the party is going on all the time. While these records amuse us now, we have to keep in mind that they replaced other records and they are just waiting to be broken by even more ambitious and determined people. Who knows, that person may even be you.

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