Wacky Sex Laws Around The World

If you’re planning on traveling abroad this holiday and you have some sexy time o look forward to, you might want to brush up on the local laws. From England to Thailand and all around the world, there are some truly obscure sex laws everywhere. While it’s illegal to have sex on a parked motorcycle for London, dogs will face a jail sentence for molesting humans in other countries.

With Germany changing its prostitution laws and the price of paid sex going over the roof, you might want to look for some alternatives around the world. If that’s the case do your research before you get on the plane if you want to avoid getting slapped with a hefty fine. To help you do that, we have put together this list of some truly weird sex laws that you wouldn’t expect to be written on paper.

Kissing on Public Transport in Vienna

Starting off with our beloved city Vienna, here’s a law you probably didn’t know about. It’s rare to see couples kiss on public transportation, but they could get fined every time they do. The company that runs Vienna’s public transport Wiener Linen, started to charge passengers who kiss on their lines with a 50 euro fine. They said that they made this decision after numerous passengers filed complaints.

Porn Is Illegal In Nepal

Any movie that features sex or nudity is banned in Nepal. Even Bollywood movies which don’t have nudity. They get big cuts with a lot of scenes removed from them before they can hit the market. Furthermore, the government censors all websites too. The Home Ministry of Nepal stated that they will enforce the ban because young people are the way to attracted to porn. They aren’t wrong about that.

Having Sex On a Parked Motorcycle in London

Why you shouldn’t have sex on a moving motorcycle is quite self-explanatory. Why it’s illegal to do so on a parked motorcycle in London is beyond our comprehension. Maybe they don’t want you to get any cum on your seat.

Men Can’t Be Burnished For Adultery In Egypt

You probably won’t become an Egyptian citizen any time soon. However, this is worth knowing just for the laughs. If women commit adultery in Egypt, they get two years in prison. But if a man commits adultery, he get’s only 6 months and only if he does the deed in the family home. It seems that the government is unfair and sexist beyond measure.

Swings in neon lights

No Hugging in Public in Qatar

This isn’t a sex law, but it’s the easiest to get caught by. Qatar is a very strict Muslim country that has a severe code of behavior. Most tourists fall out of it, so they need reminders. These rules have relaxed over the past few years. However, any display of affection is frowned upon in most public places in the country. Even holding hands is something you should avoid if you’re visiting Qatar.

Bakersfield, California

Evil is hard to resist, but you’Ll have to say no to the temptation in Bakersfield, otherwise you’re risking a sentence. In this state, it is illegal to have sex with Satan unless you’re wearing a condom. But worry not, you can still see him naked in the bathroom. Just have some protection and things will be okay my child.


If you get turned on by seafood than the state of Minnesota will definitely turn you off. illegal to have sex with live fish here. However, the law doesn’t say anything about dead fish.


It is illegal for women to walk around naked in a hotel room. This pretty much defeats the point of renting a hotel room anyway. However, men can swing their veins wherever they like. Furthermore, it’s legal for women to be naked in the bathroom, which is a huge release.


Here it’s illegal for men and women to have sex on the steps of a church after the sun goes down. If you’re feeling way too horny after prayer, you’ll have to take things home with your partner.


It is illegal to have sex with dogs in Thailand and you’ll get an even larger fine is the dog is in heat while you’re pounding down on it.


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