The Various Types Of Prostitutes You Can Find in The Sex Industry


The trade of a prostitute dates back centuries ago, as it is called the oldest profession. It truly has every reason to be called this way because selling your body for money can almost be considered an art. Some do it better, while others are just doing it.

Street Prostitute

Street prostitutes or streetwalkers as they may be called are the prostitutes that make their living out in the streets. From all the prostitutes, these girls are exposed to the highest dangers. To top it all, the money they receive is little next to nothing due to the fact that they are being handled by a pimp and have low prices.

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Window Workers

Window workers are predominant in Amsterdam, where they can express their line of work. They display their bodies in the windows of sex houses and attract customers in through their sex-appeal.

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Brothel girls are amongst the safest sex workers there are out there. They make their trade inside brothels, specially designed houses where sex is legal and the brothel-girls are protected by strict rules.

The payments they receive varies from client to client but all in all, most of them are more than satisfied with their salaries.



The escorts are divided into two categories, escorts that work for escort agencies and independent escorts.

The escorts that work for escort agencies may work from private locations or can even be employed to go abroad or different cities for certain clients.

The independent escorts are the ones that made a name for themselves and don’t need any sort of external publicity apart from how they choose to advertise themselves. They can also work out of hotels or various private locations. The highest advantage of being an independent escort is that you get to keep all the profits to yourself. However, this may sometimes come at the cost of proper management.

Escorts, in general, keep a fair distance from the public eye, even though some might have internet profile to promote themselves even more than they already are.

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