What Does a Girlfriend Experience Has To Offer?


The girlfriend experience, or GFE for short, is a service offered by brothel-girls when a client is asking for it. It often includes the whole package that a girlfriend has to offer, French kissing, having dinner, talking and last but not least hugging.

Why would you seek such an experience from a brothel-girl?

For starters, not all clients are looking for GFE. Most of them are just looking to have great sex and then to be on with their lives until they enter the next brothel.

For those that enter a brothel and are looking for such an experience, they are in for a treat. Most of the brothel-girls have been in a relationship or have been trained how to act around clients requesting the GFE package.

While some may question others preferences regarding GFE, for those that are looking for this, the answer is quite obvious. They probably don’t have time or the need for a real girlfriend or they are simply more comfortable during sex if they are treated with love and tenderness. After all, that is why the brothel-girls are there right? To make your night as memorable as they can.

The risks of looking for the GFE

The main risk that revolves around the GFE is the same risk that may come in real life when you get a little too close to a woman.

Feelings. The oldest enemy to humans and also the oldest friend. Developing feelings towards a brothel-girl that is there only to do her job is sometimes inevitable. In most of the cases, the feelings is not mutual and the ones hurt the most out of this are the clients. Even though it can work the other way around, brothel-girls are professional sex workers and they can handle their emotions.

  • It’s also important to get rid of the typical stereotypes that are aimed towards sex workers. Read more about the 12 most common stereotypes towards sex workers HERE

So, what can you do to avoid such risks? Simply: if you are looking for the GFE, try to keep in mind that they are only doing their job and also try not to get too attached.

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