What Was The First Client Like for a Prostitute


How they first started

Each brothel-girl has started their job in many different ways. Some were following in a maternal example, some needed the money, some of them enjoyed the high-life while others were forced to do it. However they started, each and every one of them had to deal with the same thing, the first client.

How it felt like

It may come as a shock to some people but the first client for a prostitute is similar to a first time having sex for everybody else. It’s a mixture of fear of the unknown, adrenaline and excitement. Once you pass the point of fear you can expect it to be fun just like casual sex.

Many prostitutes stated that they needed drugs or alcohol to get past their fears of underperforming or doing something goofy in front of their customers. Others just went with it and only after it ended they realized they just had their first client with many to come.

The thought going through their head was that it felt normal. It wasn’t the scary, taboo thing society likes to portrait it. No, it was a normal first day at a new job that everyone goes through.

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The first experience as a hooker can be frightful and exciting, but, at the same time, it can help you understand what being a brothel-girl really means in spite of what you had thought up until that moment.

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