Spain’s Sex Supermarket Has a Lot Going On

When it comes to prostitution, there are two types of countries. The types that allow prostitution and the ones that forbid it. Spain is different from all of them though. It’s a country that blurs the lines when it comes to prostitution.  There aren’t any clearly defined laws that would forbid or encourage it. Which is why it’s one of the prime destinations for people who are looking for a brothel outside of their country. With open borders and so many beautiful women working there as prostitutes, it’s no wonder.

Spain has become one of the largest playgrounds for prostitution in Europe for various reasons. The absence of a legal framework and the state of the economy being two of the major ones. Today, we’re looking at the state of Spain’s sex market and what sex workers have to say about it.

Behind The Curtains

About 40% of men in Spain have openly admitted having paid for sex at least once, which seems quite okay. But did you know that out of the approximately 300 000, about 90% of the prostitutes are migrants? That pretty much explains why you didn’t come across that many Spanish girls when you visited a brothel.

Most of the women come from the east with a hope for a better life than what they had before. With Spain’s economy and legal state being as it is, they can work without having to face regulations. All they have to do is stand out on the street or hit up a brothel and work. There’s a growing number of girls coming to the country to do sex work and a growing demand for it as well. This also opens many doors and opportunities for human trafficking. But the main benefit of the situation is that it’s perfect for girls who want to make a business out of their bodies.

How Sex Workers Handle It

A professional sex worker Paula VIP is one of the best-paid sex workers in the country, making 300 euros per night. She has created the organization APROSEX, that seeks to help girls in the sex industry. She holds classes and seminars for them, where she teaches them a more professional approach. It’s the best place for them to learn how to navigate through Spain’s unregulated market. Paula helps other prostitutes move up the ladder. She says „I turn them into professional and powerful feminist whores”. Paula’s mission is to help prostitutes gain more independence and create better circumstances for themselves.

In this freedom, there’s a bit of problem. While, prostitution isn’t deemed illegal in Spain, having an „employer” is. Meaning that that pimping is illegal in the country, so girls have to fend for themselves. Yet, girls like Natalia Ferrari Diaz, truly enjoy all this freedom they have. She advertizes herself as an authentic girlfriend experience. She isn’t a sex slave and is very open about her job. Natalia makes a pretty high income and has all the freedom she wants. So it seems that it only depends on how girls approach Spain’s sex market.

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A Proper Solution

An association thinks that creating a unity of prostitutes is the solution for Spain’s unregulated sex market. This union is called Asesoria, which is Spain’s first and only union for sex workers. It provides prostitutes with much better possibilities than they would get on the street. First, of, they get to work like they would with any other job. They would pay taxes, receive a social security number and a health insurance. They could also buy a house or a car much more easily and also gain residence in the country. It also means that they could sign a contract with the brothel that hires them. But very few prostitutes actually trust regulations, even though registering is completely safe and benefits them by a great deal. It’s a much safer way to go about sex work than just hooking up on the street. Still, there are plenty of girls out there who are doing just that.

The Dangers Sex Workers Face

There’s a reason why it’s a good option for a prostitute to have a pimp. The street isn’t always a safe place, which is why a lot of prostitutes have some violent encounters that shock them. A good example, of such „bad working conditions” is a city called La-Jonquera. It’s a place that got the name, as Spain’s sex supermarket. It is a small city close to the French border, where French people come to hook up with prostitutes because it’s illegal in their country. Here is where all the all unregulated sex market thrives the most. Girls stand on the side of the road all day, get picked up, get the cash and then go on. Neither they nor their clients are Spanish, but business is booming regardless. Most of the girls there are coming from extreme poverty in the east. They probably never even heard about the better opportunities available for them.

Blonde prostitute taking her nylons off.


Prostitution is one of the oldest professions in our history and it’s booming in Spain. It has become a great destination for those who are looking for a brothel and girls who want to do sex work. But there are plenty of other things going on in the back scene that we don’t know about. So, be sure to support the girls who prefer to do their work safely and honestly. You can find out more on the topic, by watching VICE’s original documentary film right here!

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