How Men Spend Millions On Being Cash Slaves

Ever since humans started having sex and reproducing, there have been no shortages of strange kinks and fetishes. Everyone has a sexual desire in the back of their minds that some might consider adding and that’s completely normal. But there are some that are hard to wrap your head around, even for me. People just throw their money away on crap like this instead of going to a brothel.

The dystopian fetish, financial domination has been rising in popularity over the internet. Sure the notion of dominatrixes is nothing new. Sexy ladies in latex or leather suits and a whip in hand, who are only there to torture men have always been around. But the world of BDSM is emerging even higher and taking some sudden turns along the way. It has brought financial dominatrixes, who are much more sinister than anyone else before them.

Financial dominatrixes are experts in asking for unreasonable amounts of money and making guys feel bad about themselves. Sounds pretty counter-intuitive, right? Their advertisements have texts like this: “I’m here only to take your money that you worked so hard for, and I don’t give a flying fuck about your life. You know that I can spend the money you worked an entire week for in a day. Once that happens, you’ll know that you served your only purpose in life. Me, your goddess”. Just look at the website to find plenty more like this. Plenty of people are throwing their money at the screen as they hear a woman talking down to them. It’s happening even at this very moment. But why? That’s why we’re here. To find out!

Surrendering it All

A lot of guys are searching for financial dominatrixes all over the internet, who they can surrender plenty of money too. They’re literally looking to throw away heaps of cash for very little if anything in return. This all has to do with men’s desire to give up power. A lot of people start out in brothels and strip clubs and soon choose to submit themselves to this pain.

This tendency has built a thriving industry, making millions for financial dominatrixes all over the worlds. It has created femdom celebs like Madeline, who is the queen bitch of financial domination. She works at’s main office and makes insane amounts of cash with every minute she spends in front of her webcam.

Quick Fact: A professional financial dominatrix Maitresse Madeline once made $42 000 in a single session. It has even made the news, you can check it out here:

She is a professional in getting into a guys head and mindfucking him until he can take no more. Knowing what he thinks and what makes him tick is what financial domination is all about. It is all a major mindfuck. Though Madeline herself has worked about 10 years to establish her persona. She has also mentored other financial dominatrixes who have cash slaves all around the world. They make really good business because most of their regulars send them hundreds of dollars every month. Some of them are nice enough to buy them a new laptop, a new camera and anything else their heart desires.

Why Do These Men Love Financial Dominatrixes So Much?

Some say that this form of femdom is an ultimate form of the exchange of power. Financial dominatrixes exercise power over them and guys give up their power in the form of money. They just get off from giving these girls insane amounts of money and giving up control.
This is mostly due to the fact that men are raised to be money makers in our society. Many of them let the amount of money they make determine their value. Men compete with each other through money, attract women with money and work all day to get it.

Woman with a whip in her hand.
Money is a simple tool for control. When they come to financial dominatrixes, they can finally give up that control. These dominatrixes come along and take all of that hard earned money from them because they submit it willingly. Some guys go as far as to have a dominatrix budget for them. They like the feeling of having less control and have a dominatrix making their lives a bit harder.

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