The Sexy Adventures You Can Find in Japans’ Soaplands


Why you should go there

Since paid sexual intercourse is prohibited in Japan, the brothers had to come up with different types of satisfying their clients. Such as Soapland, a place where clients engage in non-penetrative sex with prostitutes.

What you should expect

After taking a bath you are seated in a U-shaped stool with access to your entire crotch area, and with the help of a flexible shower, you are being washed by the brothel-girl. In order to achieve orgasms in this odd kind of sex the clients are laid upon a waterproof mattress and the girl covered in personal lubricant called “Nuru gel” massages the client with the use of her own body.

The Nuru Massage is an ancient Japanese art of erotic massages by using the so-called “nuru gel”. It’s like your own body is used as a stripper pole by the prostitute. The “nuru gel” is an exceptionally slippery massage gel that is odorless, tasteless and does leave stains.

Whether you receive oral sex or sexual intercourse it’s up to the management’s decision so don’t expect it when you enter a place like this.

  • HERE is an example, a great place where you can have Nuru massages in Japan with all the details and some pictures with hot girls

Prices and helpful tips

The prices vary between 150$-400$ and even higher but remember that the cheaper it is, the more the services lose their quality. Some shops require that you speak and comprehend Japanese very well to avoid unexpected disputes with each other because they usually don’t accept foreigners.


With all that said, looks like Japan found their way out of the forbidden brothels with an innovative thing called Soapland where you can have a great message and achieve orgasms in a different way.

The Soapland places helped the economy of Japan grow since the banning of paid sexual intercourse, however, through the years the number of places that offers this kind of services has fallen from 1,700 to 1,200 according to a study in 2002.

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