Get the Best Out of Sex Positions With Kama Sutra

Changing sexual positions makes the intercourse exciting and the pleasure will last longer as it may make the man cum harder. You can probably experience different sex positions in brothels.

Prostitutes make a living with the use of their bodies mainly, so most of them strive to become professional sex partners. Even though you may find some prostitutes that are not that exciting, the hard working, sex enjoying ones sure to compensate in this matter.

Kama Sutra

If you want to know more about sexual positions, you should read or at least take a look into Kama Sutra. It describes more than 100 sexual positions.

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The Kama Sutra was made for increasing the pleasure of having sex. Since many people knows only a few sex position, it’s highly suggested to read Kama Sutra. In this case you’ll be more prepared to visit a brothel club. Perhaps if a prostitute wants to give you a real girlfriend experience, she will suggest positions that she thinks fits you better.

With the Kama Sutra being read by many brothel girls it makes the sex more interesting. The longer and more complex the service list of the girls is, the easier they will find paying and returning clients.

The best known sexual positions

The missionary position is not the only position out there. Maybe this is the oldest one, but humans also developed a lot of other ones during thousands of years. There are several, (as mentioned above at least one hundred, but maybe even more. The missionary position is when the woman lies on her back and the man penetrates her from above.

Once you are in a brothel you can experience many more different positions. Astride is when the woman is sitting in the man’s lap and she does the real motion, with the man’s only concern is how much he will last.

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Doggy-style is also a very popular position nowadays. In this position the woman goes on all fours and the man penetrates into her from behind. These are common positions, but if you had read Kama Sutra before visiting the brothel, you can reach a higher level of sexual pleasures.

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