Is Some Sex Work Better Than Others

The word sex work isn’t just about prostitution. Sex work means different things in a brothel and a strip club. There are various types of sex work, with each having plenty of people calling themselves professionals in it. We are going to look at this today. We’ll cover what kind of sex work are the most common and see what professionals in each given field have to say about the experience. The truth is, plenty of women make pretty good money on the industry without having sex for money at all. It’s also true that the ones that have the strangest kinds of sex make a lot more.

Most Common Types Of Sex Work

How well one performs in the sex industry and how much money she makes, depends on two factors. How well they handle physical contact with their clients and how enjoyable their company is. The types of sex work can also be split up into these two categories. Girls either sell their bodies or their company, or both. Now, let’s look at each of these, how they work and how common they are. I don’t think I have to overexplain the first few, but I’ll cover them just to be sure.


The oldest craft in the history of mankind. Having sex for money is simple and enjoyable. It doesn’t necessarily have any strange fetish involved. Most people turn to prostitutes when they want to exchange money for sexy time.


Ever heard of blowjob bars? You just walk in, order a beer and a professional blowjob on the side. This type of sex work is most common in Bangkok, Thailand. We even wrote an article about the experience.

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Striptease and Go-Go Dancing

An erotic or exotic dance form, during which the dancer slowly undresses, partly or completely. They do it in a seductive and sexually suggestive manner, which is why it’s so fun. If you have ever been to a strip club, you know that you can’t have sex with the girls. It’s only a tease. A lot of young girls and even mature ones do it for the easy money and because they like dancing. In some gentlemen’s clubs, there are professionals who can pull off some pretty extreme pole dancing moves.


Escort girls often get the best that the industry has to offer. They are the women that guys take out of parties and other social events. The amount of money they make varies drastically, depending on their looks, skills, and even education. Whether there is any sex involved depends both on the client and the girl.

Telephone Sex Operator

It’s just as it sounds. Women who are telephone sex operators, receive calls and help guys get off. They make more money than just about any other kind of telephone operator. Most of them can boast that they made men get off on the other side of the world, just through their voice.


Cam girls are becoming increasingly popular on the web right now and their industry keeps growing every year. These girls hold erotic sessions and a lot of them are willing to do anything their body can handle. They have the possibility to build their own brand and have their own style. Some of them actually have sex on cam with a partner of their choosing. None of them are actually having sex with their clients, only through live chat. There are plenty of amateurs joining every day, making a name for themselves.


Porn production has never stopped since the invention of the video camera. With high-speed internet connections being available all around the world, there’s more porn every year. Just as in the case of the cam-girl industry, more amateur women are joining every year. They are either making their own videos or taking part in a larger scale production.


A lot of girls choose to be professional dominatrixes because they don’t want to have sex with people. They weed out the messy part, don’t exchange bodily fluids and don’t even touch they clients. Better than that, they don’t have to be nice to anybody. The main part of their job is to make guys feel sad and pathetic. It often turns into financial domination, which is a separate art form in itself.

An analogy for a nut crushing experience

Is Any Of These Better Than The Other?

There are a lot of different views on the subject, so it depends on who you ask. Plenty of sex workers who made it as professionals think that the work they do is superior. But the most common way of looking at it is based on contact or no-contact sex work. It’s a quite sensible approach.

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Professional dominatrixes, for example, tend to view their work as way more superior than that of prostitutes. That’s simply due to the fact that they don’t have to touch anybody. They don’t have to have sex, give blowjobs or put up with anything too unpleasant. While some girls get naked for dollars and have sex for a bit more, they are just sitting pretty.Pornstars are also viewed as playing more prestigious roles than prostitutes. People who see it that way, are shielded by their screens. They forget the fact that these women also sell sex for money.


At the end, we are faced with plenty of different opinions, so it only depends on who you ask. Which form of getting guys off is for money is better in your opinion?


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