Is Sex Better In an Open Relationship?

One of the biggest debates we face in our minds when it comes to sex is whether to do it in a relationship, outside a relationship or choose a different alternative. Like go to a brothel or take part in an open relationship for example. It’s hard to know which would offer us more satisfying sex and emotions. The debate has been going on for quite a lot of time. You probably had an argument with a friend on this topic. Which one is more satisfying? Sex within a monogamy relationship or casual sex that you can buy or have in an open relationship?

So, it’s better to leave this argument to the actual data collected from studies. Let’s find out what we know. Is sex in monogamous relationships more satisfying than polyamorous ones? Or is it the other way around?

What Studies Have Shown

There’s an obvious conclusion to draw from the following. According to a recent survey, 80% percent of people participating in monogamous relationships are more satisfied with their sexual lives. While only 70% of people in open relationships state that they are completely satisfied with their sex life.

In my experience, actual relationships that have more content and context, are a lot more sexually satisfying. There’s a sense of connection involved in the experience that makes more exciting and satisfying. We tend to have a desire for this by default, but we also tend to put our sexual desires first. Still, an open relationship has some obvious benefits. People step into them to survive long-distance relationships and to overcome breakups and jealous feelings. But this doesn’t always lead to a more satisfying sexual life. There’s a feeling of emptiness that follows and no amount of sex can replace it.

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The numbers take a sudden shift when we look at single people. A staggering 50% of them who aren’t in a relationship and aren’t looking for one, reported being satisfied with their sexual lives. While just 40% of people who are looking for a normal relationship with love, are sexually satisfied. We know that a fulfilling and happy relationship isn’t all about sex. Those who have open relationships tend to be a lot less jealous and more trusting than who prefer monogamous relationships. Yet, as it seems, no matter what kind of romantic relationships people settle with, they have the best of their sexual lives between the years of 25 and 30 years of age.

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So, as it turns out, sex in a “classic” monogamy relationship is more satisfying and leads to more fulfillment. Most of the studies psychologists have conducted reveal that hookups lead to depression, anxiety, and a low self-esteem. While real relationships are more about fun and enjoyment. People in them have a deeper need to want to explore and learn more about sexuality. If you want to learn more about this topic, be sure to check out this article on VICE’s website!



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