The Craziest and Naughtiest Sex Festivals Around The World


Luckily for us we live in a day and age where sex is accepted for what it is, an intrinsic part of human nature and a very pleasurable one as well. It comes as no surprise then that we choose to celebrate it and that all over the world there are numerous festivals where all kinds of exhibitionists and sexual enthusiasts gather to pay their homage to the avatars of lust. So, if you are in search of a place where you can openly let your kink out, here are some ideas of where you might go.

The San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival

Although not very keen on the sex trade, the USA prides itself with a throbbing adult entertainment industry, with thousands of movies being made every year and porn stars famous all around the globe. This biennial festival was founded in 1999 and its purpose is to show the reality of the sex worker’s life as well as to raise awareness on its pitfalls and on the prejudice it is surrounded with.

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But the festival also has a very artistic side and you can expect live shows, movie screenings and workshops in which you can actively get involved. The action may get pretty hot right in front of you, so these shows are definitely not for the prudes.


The Madrid Erotica festival

This festival is less about talking and more about action. Although I guess moaning is allowed. It is a great chance to see the biggest names in porn industry at work as there are plenty of live sex shows in every combination imaginable.

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Pansexuality and fetishes of every kind all find an avenue for expression and you are in danger of being sucked into the whirlpool of steamy sex. Or maybe just sucked off, as you can participate in some of the orgies and shows. You can also submit your own porn movie in a contest and aim at a role in the glamorous pornographic lifestyle that unfolds before your eyes.


The Sex Culture Festival

You might have expected Japan to hold the biggest sex festival in Asia, and although it does pride itself with the “Festival of the Steel Phallus”, it is not as famous as the more modern and more popular Sex Culture Festival in China. Held in Guagnzhou since 2003, it is more an exhibit than a festival as you can’t really get involved very much. The girls are also fully clothed and all they do is

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The girls are also fully clothed and all they do is stroll on a catwalk or dance on a poll, without even stripping. It feels like a combination between a sex shop and a sex education class, but seeing as it takes place in a more bashful part of the world, we have to praise it for trying.


Kutemajrvi Sex Festival

Famous for its more intellectual approach to sexuality, the Kutemajrvi Festival in Finland tries to shed light on all aspects of sex by engaging renowned researchers in the field who have a more brainy outlook on sexual practices.kutemajrvi-sex-festival

Sex education also plays a very important part in the event, but you won’t leave there feeling bored as there are enough hot strip shows and erotic paraphernalia to melt all the ice around Finland. One of the big attractions is the Aphrodite contest where many sexy girls compete for the title of goddess of desire, and with so many beauties around the competition is fierce.

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As we head for an even more sexually open and well-educated world, we may expect such festivals to grow in size and number. Some view them as some kind of all you can eat sexual buffet, but the truth is that, beside providing lots of dirty orgasmic fun, they also drive people towards a better quality of sex life.

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